Friday, September 24, 2010

We interrupt this regularly scheduled program

Normally I would be doing a post about things I'm lovin' this week but after hearing about a new link party from one of my favorite new blogs I just had to join in!

Have you heard of Roo at Nice Girl Notes
If you haven't heard of her then maybe her AWESOME stick drawings
Or her blind date story?  
What about Milkshake Tim?  

Well if not then you definitely should! She has made me laugh out loud with NO JOKE! Her writing is so funny and witty.  
She's also very crafty.  Check out her drawer dollhouse (so much cuter then store bought!), or her knock off pottery barn mercury glass pumpkins.

So today Roo is hosting:


Basically you take a picture of what is in your purse, handbag, pocketbook, diaper bag...whatever you call it and link up.  I'm the kind of person that would go to open houses just to see how other people live if it wasn't "frowned upon"...whatev.   This is right up my alley!  And for all of you out there who have spent countless sleepless nights wondering what I carrying around with me in my bag.  Well here you go.  (Now go get some sleep.)  :-)

2.Coach wallet, only own it because a friend gave it to me because she wasn't using it anymore.
3. Phone
4. Ipod touch
5. Notebook to jot down ideas, inspirations etc.
6. much cheaper but works just as well!
7. My diaper wipe case :-( a ziploc bag.
8. Purell...starting to use this more since flu season is almost
9. Contact lens case
10. Pill box
11. Floss
12. Random crayons
13. Tissues
14. Best Buy gift card
15. Car keys
16. Emergency hair ties for girls
17. Pouch for all those club/bonus's a love hate relationship.
18. Lip gloss I never wear and VS perfume
19. Receipts in yet ANOTHER ziploc bag...really need something cuter.
20. Spray bottle-this is not normally in here I needed it to put Natalie's hair up before gymnastics.
21. Pressed powder...not really sure why this is even in here.
22. House keys and cute change purse
23. Eye glass cloth wipe
24. Sunglassses
25. Boo boo spray
26. Baby spoon
27. Snacks for kids

Wow! I can't believe I have 27 things in my diaper bag.  I hate being up a creek without a paddle so I have a lot of just in case things that are rarely used.  Ridiculous.  Oh well. :-)

Now you have seen mine, where's yours?  

Hop on over and link up and definitely check out the rest of Roo's blog.  

Have a great weekend!! 


  1. Wow. And I thought I had a lot of stuff in my bag!
    You sure there wasn't a kitchen sink in there somewhere?

  2. Andi, some notes!

    1) That change purse is SO cute!
    2) We use Target diapers at home, too. :)
    3) My wipes case is just as glamorous.
    4) Where did you get that contact lens case? It's so cute!!
    5) So's the pill box! What the heck? Share!
    6) I hear you on the random crayons.
    7) At first glance, I thought the random snacks was actually a small pile of prosciutto. I need a nap.

  3. At least all your receipts are neat and tidy in a baggie. Mine would be all over inside my wallet and bag (I may have cleaned them out before I showed my bag, but no one will ever know the truth).

  4. Don't you hate when you write a comment and it goes bye bye? Arg.

    Testing is the greatest! I see that you have the iTouch as well. So you understand my deep love for this wonderful invention?

  5. I love the prints on your contact lens case, pill box and notebook. You do need to find cute bags to replace the ziploc. ;) Love the little change purse, too.

  6. Wow lol and i thought I had a lot in my purse!


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