Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Great News and a Giveaway!!

Okay before I get to my first giveaway EVER I wanted to share with you something that I am totally giddy about.  Across the street from our subdivision is a shopping center.  In that shopping center was a G-A-U-D-Y furniture place but when the economy took a turn they quickly went out of business.  Go figure. The store was empty for over a year.  I was driving by last week and saw that they were putting in this store:

Um...I seriously did a happy dance people, Paula Abdul clapping, Mary Murphy screaming and all. I may have even heard angels singing. I'm not lazy, okay maybe a little, but it is going to be so awesome to be able to drive 5 mins and shop for fabric or anything craft related for that matter.  The closest fabric store right now is Joanne's and it's about 20 mins away.  So last minute projects will be so much easier to accomplish cuz I'm all about the procrastination.


I told myself when I started this blog that I would write it for me and stay true to myself and that if people read it that would be great but if they didn't I was okay with that.  But then the comments started coming in and people actually hit the follow button and wanted to hear what I had to share and it felt great!  And I have met some wonderful, sweet , and talented women!  So I'm still writing this blog for me and being myself but I'm also writing it for you guys.  I'm just going to come out and say it.  I want to be accepted and I like feeling accepted.  Don't we all?  So thank you for making me feel good!!

And to show my gratitude I am having a giveaway!!!  I was at 21 followers for a couple of weeks and told my self and my friend Gwen @ Gwenny Penny (Hi Gwen!) that I would have a giveaway when I reached 25 followers.  Well I went from 21 to 26 in less then a day!  And since my rub on subway art has been such a hit I thought I would giveaway it away! And yes that includes the frame :-) 


Here's how to enter:

You have 2 chances!

  1. Become a follower and leave a comment on this post letting me know.  If you are already a follower, mucho thanks! And to enter just leave a comment telling me you are already a follower.
  2. Grab my button and leave a comment letting me know you did. If you have already grabbed my button, thank you again.  To enter just leave a comment that you have my button already.                                                                                                     If you don't have a blog to add the button to then you can leave a comment sharing your favorite thing about Halloween or your fondest memory.

Only two entries per person please. (you must leave a separate comment for each entry).

This giveaway is open until Monday, September 27th at 11:59pm (EST).  
I will use random number generator to select the winner and you will be contacted by email so please include your email address in your comment. 
Winner will be announced on Tuesday, September 28th.
I will ship to anywhere in the world.  

Good luck!


  1. I am a follower and have been loving your blog:)
    The subway art is adorable!

  2. I'm a follower : )
    doing a little happy dance for you because you got a HL & doing a little happy dance for me cuz I could possibly win your super cute subway art!!

  3. I'm a follower! I love your blog.


  4. Hi, Andi! Thanks for the shout-out! I'm already a follower...

  5. Congrats on the newest followers!

    I've been a subscriber...but now I'm a follower as well!

    You already know I LOVE the subway art! :)

  6. i am a follower, and if you pick me, you won't even have to pay for any shipping! ;)

  7. I've also added your button to my {Blogs I follow} page. It is still under construction so you're the lone blog listed so far! LOL. Guess I should work on that... :)

  8. Hey I am a new follower!!

    love your blog...you are very creative!

  9. Hi there! I'm your newest follower from the Friday Bog Hop!! Lovely blog you have here! You can find me at www.bouffeebambini.blogspot.com

  10. I'm a follower! And you are linked on my blog as someone I read! Thanks!

  11. I am new follower but love your blog and the subway art...
    Thanks for the giveway!!

  12. ut oh i may have commented on wrong post if so i am so sorry.....but i am a follower count me in plzzzzzz just.plzzz@yahoo.com

  13. New follower, so in love with this!



  14. I just started following you in my Google Reader! :)

  15. Just became a follower! Super cute Halloween subway art!


  16. just became a follower! Such a cute halloween decoration! :)

  17. I'm a new follower! I found you through It's so very Cheri and I'm so glad. I've enjoyed looking around - you have a great site. Plus you love Nice Girl Notes so that shows you have good taste. :)
    I really like your Subway art - I'd love to win!!

  18. Yes ... I am a follower. So many fun things on your blog. Fun Subway Art!

  19. Oh, I'm so glad I'm not too late for the contest. I love your subway art. I've been wanting to try to do some, but I'm still cleaning out the attic.
    I'm a follower.

  20. I'm a FOLLOWER...but I was already a follower before I saw this! ;) thanks again for the cute button! It's going on my blog!

  21. I found you while looking for halloween ideas...and now subscribed through my google reader...loving it!

  22. My blog isn't what it should be (guess i should get back on that huh?) but i figured i would get in my second chance to win your great subway art with my favorite thing about halloween. I've just recently gotten into the vintage style of halloween decorating and getting my kids involved is probably my favorite part. It's our favorite holiday around here and we try to go all out!

  23. Love Halloween, put your button up ~ http://momcontests.blogspot.com/


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