Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm Back (did ya miss me?) and Things I'm lovin' Friday

Hi!!!  I've missed you!  

Life is pretty much back to "normal". 
My parents flew back home yesterday, I miss them already. 

We had a great week together.  The beginning of the week was a bit hectic because we had lots of family in from out of town,  Lily's party, and our washer broke...ugh. 
But thank goodness my dad and brother were able to pick up and install a new washer. 

When things calmed down we did some shopping, took the girls to a local farm/petting zoo, enjoyed my mom's cooking, and just hung out. 

My dad reinstalled the pedestal on our bathroom sink and installed a new faucet for us.  He also took down a mirror and evened out the drywall as well as fixed a kitchen cabinet that was pulling away from the wall.  Thanks Dad!!! 

It was hard not blogging this past week.  I would look at my blog roll and feel like I was missing out and missing you guys!  But I didn't want to take a moment with my parents for granted.  When things were hectic at the beginning of the week I noticed that I was stressed out and focusing on all the wrong things and was determined to be present the rest of the time my parents were here. 

But now I am back and have so many ideas to share!!   It's Friday which means it's time to share things that I am lovin' from this week.

I've already shared one...having my parents here was definitely the highlight of the week. 

As you know from this post we have had some flooring drama...well drama no more...say hello to our new floors...

We are very happy with the end result. Whatcha think?

I managed to get a few decorating crafts in this past week.  They were both simple and easy and I'm lovin' the results!  I forgot to take some before pictures so you'll have to use your imagination. :-)

I first saw this cheap and easy craft on Thrifty Decor Chick who saw it on Decor Chick who saw it on Get Your Martha's like 6 degrees of hurricane candle holders :-)

*EDIT* Just saw on my blog roll that Emily over at Finding My Aloha is also blogging about DIY candlestick hurricanes today...go check her out too. 

She came up with some really creative ideas!  And while you are there take a look around...and get inspired!

Cheap and easy, two of my favorite words...especially when it turns out so great! I sped drove over to the dollar store and bought 2 of the hurricane candle holders and two taper holders.  So far $4 dollars and some change spent.  Then I used this wonderful stuff...

and glued the two together using a bag of decorating sand to weigh it down. 

There was a little drippage but no worries.  Just adds to the character ;-)

Once it was dry I added some white sand and shells.  Still need to buy some candles.

Haven't decided where I'm going to put them but I'm thinking they will go on our new dining table once we decide on one we like.

I found this star at Michael's for 70% off and it was barn red.  I like red but it doesn't go with our decor, so out came the spray paint!!  I used heirloom white. 

Here's a picture where you can see a bit of the red.  

I plan on hanging it about the doorway between the kitchen and living room.  I just haven't decided whether it will be on the kitchen side or the living room side.

This next week I will be doing a lot of catch up and have lots of posts to get up, including Lily's party recap and hopefully a couple of tutorials.  

Have a wonderful weekend!!  
I think we may go to the county fair!

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  1. our fridge broke on sunday so i feel your appliance despair! we aren't getting our new one til mid next week. ugh! luckily we have aspare in the basment, but it's not easy to go there, get what we need, and go upstairs to prepare meals. oh well. and your floors look fabulous!

  2. Thanks for adding my hurricanes! So sweet of you! I left you a thank you today over on my blog!

  3. Your floors turned out beautifully! They look very elegant :)

  4. We went to the county fair yesterday.

    I LOVE the floors, and I LOVE that star! I may have to go to Michael's today!

  5. Your floors look amazing! I'm glad you had a great week with your parents. Glad you're back and can't wait to see what you do next!

  6. I've never congratulated anyone on their flooring before, but...congratulations on your lovely floors! They really are beautiful and I'm glad the drama is over.


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