Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spruce up

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I'm starting to think I should change my blog name to "Jane of all things decorating".  I seem to be drawn to these type of crafts.  Like I mentioned before Fall is one of my favorite seasons.

I found this charger at Wally world for around $4.

It's plastic and okay but I thought I could definitely spruce it up with one of my favorite spray paint colors:

After the paint dried I took one of my pampered chef scrapers (thank you and distressed it a bit.

I love the way it turned out!! BTW those glittered pumpkins are $1 at walmart!!

I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Halloween.  I really love the raven, white pumpkin, Edgar Allen Poe vintage type Halloween decor.  I bought some non glittered pumpkins at Walmart also (see 1st pic).  And then I spray painted them the same color as the charger and ORB (oil rubbed bronze!).
Whatcha think?  

I took my white paint pen and wrote "Eek!" I just typed the word in the font I liked on my computer using Picnik and eyeballed it on the pumpkin.  So cool, right?!  

I haven't decorated much for Halloween in the past other then carved pumpkins because everything I liked was pottery barn expensive or too cutesy.  But since I've started blogging the ideas have just been rolling in, thanks to all you creative gals out there and your inspiration! This may be my new favorite holiday!!

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  1. I love all of this! I may have to head over to Walmart to get me a few of those glitter pumkins:)

  2. so cute!!! i love these. you are so clever. :)

  3. Love your autumn decor! Those Halloween pumpkins are very elegant in black and white.

  4. Awesome! I love the raven and black and white pumpkin. I want to pick some up if I can find some for my Halloween party this year...

    Thanks for stopping by! :-)

  5. I saw those chargers too at creative to repaint them! Love the redo:)


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