Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So fresh and so clean clean

Nothing like a bit of Outkast to start out a blog post.  And yes I have that album.  ;)  Notice how I said 'album' it wasn't a typo, I'm that old.

Anyway why the Outkast lyrics?  Well that's how I feel about my blog makeover.  It was too cluttered for me and had been bothering me for awhile.  I wanted a simple, clean look.  What do you guys think?  Did I achieve my look?

And before I go, thanks for all the sweet comments about my new haircut.  I had to grease my doorframes and buy a new pillow.  So I married an axe murder anyone?

The boy's head is like sputnik, spherical without all the pointy parts.
He'll be crying himself to sleep tonight on his huge pillow.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!


  1. head! paper! now! omg, i think i want to watch it tonight = )

  2. It's just perfect. Love the makeover!!!

  3. LOL I love that movie! Especialy tha part.

    Have a good night :)

  4. I love the look of it! Very clean- I need to do this to my blog. :) I would just say that on my monitor the yellow is hard to read- like the tabs under your header.

  5. I love it...I feel mine is cluttered too. I've just been too lazy to pull the trigger. I love yours!

  6. you already know i love it....
    bombs over baghdad baby! (i don't think that is the same album but i love that song!)

  7. The blog looks great, Andi! Nice job :) I LOVE So I Married an Ax Murderer... we call one of my cousin's kids "Heed" ... "it's like an orange on a toothpick" :)

  8. LOVE the fresh and clean blog! LOVE it! I need to watch that movie again, it's been way too long!

  9. Love the new blog look! You always crack me up...So I Married An Axe Murderer...Ha!

  10. Your blog makeover stole my heart AND my cat. :)

  11. Awesome makeover...uh, I guess I need to see the movie to understand, huh?

  12. The blog is looking really good! Love the movie reference too - I'll watch that movie anytime I see it on TV!

  13. Woman. Woaaaahhhh-man. I love that movie! The blog re-design looks sleek!

  14. did you really just quote So I Married and Axe Murder AND Outkast in one post!?

    i. love. you.


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