Sunday, March 25, 2012

Girls' room update

I know I said I would get this post up Friday but I was just not feeling well enough.  I have come down with some sort of flu like bug.  I'm super achey all over, my head hurts, and my throat is killing me.  Strep maybe? Whatever it is it stinks.  I woke up feeling better but as the day goes on the aches are getting worse and I feel a headache coming on. Boo.

Thursday I showed you the gallery wall I hung up in the girls' room using free art.  Since painting the walls and redoing the dresser, nothing else major has happened in there.  I have managed to get a few minor projects completed.

I found this really cool shelf for a couple dollars at one of my favorite thrift stores (which is now closed *sniff*).

I was loving the vintage vibe but wasn't digging the color, so I spray painted it!

Ahhh...much better.  It's on the wall near Natalie's side of the bed.  On top is a cute little bird Cassie gave to me when she was moving and going through stuff.  The vase next to it is from Ikea that holds some tissue paper flowers I made for the girls awhile ago.  The next shelf has two jars from the dollar store where we keep Natalie's shell and rock collections.  The bottom shelf has a basket that holds her nail polish.

The corgi puppy in my pocket is a new addition because it reminds Natalie of Zoe.

The next thing is another thrift store find.  Not sure what it was originally intended for but I thought it would be the perfect little wastebasket.  It started out like this, all sad and icky...

Then I introduced it to some happy yellow spray paint!!  I may do a little something else to it but I have yet to be inspired, so until then it stays like this.  It gives a nice pop of color to their room.

Another vintage find was this accordion coat rack.  It was plain brown before I attacked it with spray paint.

This last piece was also given to me by Cassie.  I didn't do much to it, just tightened up the chicken wire and hung it up.  It hold all the girls bows and hair clips as well as some orignial pieces of art ;)

That is pretty much all that has gone on in their room so far.  I still need to figure something out for the big blank space above their bed and then the wall decor will be complete.

I also need to paint their bookshelf still not sure on the color though.
My girls' love their books...can you tell?

 On top of the shelf sits each of the girls first build a bear.  They each got one for their first birthday.
And a birdcage with more tissue paper flowers.  The dragonfly is another gift from Cassie.

Instead of using the small yellow table as one of the nightstands I decided to move in the pair from our bedroom and so far I've just changed the hardware.  These are also going to get a coat of paint.  I was leaning towards yellow but now I'm not so sure.

I'm sorry I don't have a picture of the whole room. I thought I had one on my computer but can't find it.  I would go take one real quick but Lily is in there snoozing. :)

Okay I am off to lay back down and maybe take a little nap myself.


  1. Sorry you're feeling icky friend :( LOVE all the thrifty finds! You made them all look fabulous! Miss & love you terribly! xo

  2. I love all the darling changes! Hope you feel better soon :)

  3. Love that shelf...really pretty color! Hope you feel better soon!

  4. everything looks awesome! so happy! i love the new addition of the little doggie, and i love that the kids' artwork is hanging as well- it looks awesome!

  5. How totally sweet! I love all of the details, Andi! I hate it when the good thrift stores favorite one is gone,

    And girl, if it's to the DR....stat. Gross. Yuck. and Blech! I hope you feel better, soon!!!

  6. Feel better friend! The room is looking great. Fun little touches make it personal and homey- I'm sure they're thrilled with everything. :)

  7. Looks great, Andi! Spray paint is amazing, isn't it? I hope you're recovering :)

  8. I love the spray painted shelf, it turned out really great!

  9. hope you're feeling better! that shelf looks incredible in white!

  10. Love all the changes you've made. Sorry you were feeling terrible. I had the exact same thing a couple of weeks ago. I even missed a day of work. It only lasted a couple of days, and then I felt human again. Your girls have an adorable room!

  11. Hope you get feeling better! Everything in the girls' room looks so great -- love the detailing on the shelf. I'll be honest, I don't think I would have seen past the gold to pick it up and give it new life ;) Some vinyl in a fun pattern (or painted stencil) would be fun on the painted wastebasket, although I do love the yellow just as it is.

  12. I hear everyone is getting sick (I'm just waiting to catch it myself). Love what you did with that shelf!

  13. looking good. spray paint makes the world go 'round. and i have a chicken wire frame on my weekend to-do list. hope you feel better very soon.

  14. I love all the sweet girly touches - and those white shelves are just perfect! Seriously, what did we do before spray paint?!

  15. I love that shelf thingee too - have one that's similar and it needs spray painting stat! Feel better soon - get drugs.

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