Tuesday, March 6, 2012

'Girls-Just-Wanna-Have-Fun' crocheted bracelets

Whether you guys know this or not I have been having internet issues AGAIN, but this time I think the fix is permanent.  Cross your fingers.  So if any of you were wondering why I hadn't stopped by or responded to your emails...that was why.  I had tried and failed to use the computer at the library.  Thinking that a 2 year old would sit still and allow me to focus enough to put a thought together seemed like a rational idea at the time.  So then I basically resorted to just checking my email in the parking lot of Panera or mMcD's on my ipod in case anything urgent came through, you know like an email from Nate Berkus or the like ;) I also got to read all your sweet comments regarding the duffel bag I made.  Thanks so much for all the love.  And if it weren't for awesome instructions and pattern from Gingercake who knows if it would have even resembled a bag when I was finished! ha!

I tend to be a fickle crafter.  If crafts were relationships then I would be a player. hehe.  A few weeks ago I was on a sewing kick. That is when I made the baby gifts for Oliver and then the duffel bag.  Now I am hanging out with my yarn and crochet hooks.  Remember that blanket I started?  Let me refresh your memory.

Yeah almost finished! As soon as it's done I will share.  I have also been working on some smaller projects.  I found this pattern for crocheted bracelets on Ravelry.  I thought my girls would love them.  And I just loved the name!  And after all the internet drama this girl just wanted to have some fun!

I made one for each of my girls.
Natalie's is hot pink.

And of course I had to make an aqua one!  This one is Lily's.  I adjusted the pattern a little so that it was a tad smaller otherwise the bracelet would slide right off Lily's arm.

The pattern is great for beginners, 5 rows of single crochets.  Embellish with some fun buttons and that's it!  Super quick and fun craft!

Natalie has already requested that I make her some more :)

What do you do when you just wanna have fun?


  1. Adorable! I love the little buttons...perfect for your sweet gals.

  2. LOVE U!!! Those bracelets are ADORABLE!!!!! Hmmm...I may need to give it a try :)
    Love u soooooooooo much! xo

  3. So sweet..and I totally feel ya on the fickle-ness...That's why I don't crochet...it puts me to sleep...but your blanket and bracelets are amazing!

  4. So cute! Thanks for posting btw. It reminded me that I need to type up those questions, or rather the answers!

  5. So cute! I love small crochet projects. I don't have the patience for bigger projects... I'm with you on the fickle thing :)

  6. these are adorable!!! i love them- cute and fun! and i love the idea of you at the parking lot of panera checking email. i love it because i know i would be doing the same thing!

  7. I did it! http://anappleforthecrafter.blogspot.com/2012/03/question-and-answer-session.html

  8. So cute! I love that they're fast and simple to make but pack a punch! Simple enough for my 10 year old to make. We will definitely have to give this a try!

  9. I learned how to knot/ macrame a heart shaped pattern in a bracelet yesterday! It was fun!

  10. That blanket is going to be CUTE! The bracelets are great, too. I have some nieces that would go crazy for those.


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