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Haul Out the Holly-DIY Styrofoam Christmas Lights

Hi guys!  I am excited to be apart of Haul Out the Holly for the second year!

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Last year I shared my version of Elf on the Shelfand this year I am sharing how to make these jumbo Christmas lights...

Now I know some of you have already seen these and I am sorry for that but I am still dealing with some stuff right now and Gwen has been gracious to let me off the hook so to speak.  :)  And I kinda think they rock so I like showing them off :)

Ready to make some of your own?
Here we go...

  • hot glue gun and extra sticks if you plan to make multiple bulbs
  • sequin trim in assorted colors
  • metallic cord*
  • 1.5 inch styrofoam balls
  • approx. 2 inch styrofoam eggs, package says they are 1-13/16' by 2-7/16"
  • scissors
*After buying a spool of cording for $1.99 and it only being enough for about 3 lights I did some research and found out that for the same price I could get 27 yards if I bought metallic cording for plastic canvas.  So bypass the ribbon department and head over to the plastic canvas section.  Not only is there gold and silver but tons of other great colors too.

Step 1:
Take the styrofoam ball and flattened one side and then the other, leaving you with something that resembles a tire shape. (Or a mini donut, if you're hungry ;))

Step 2:
Take your tire shaped styrofoam and roll it back and forth on a hard surface while pressing down at the same time until it resembles a marshmallow. (still hungry)

Step 3.
Then on one end of the marshmallow press in and around making that end concave.  Doing this will help  it sit flush on top of the egg.

Step 4:
Now it's time to get your glue guns out.  If you have a dual temp glue gun opt for the low temp setting because the high setting tends to melt the styrofoam.  Now put a generous amount of glue on the concave part of your marshmallow and place it on the center of the wide end of your egg.

Step 5:
Next is the hard part....picking the color sequins you want.  :)  I bought my sequins at hobby lobby and also from this shop on Etsy.

Once you have picked the color you want start with a line of glue where your egg and marshmallow meet and start wrapping the sequins around, glueing and wrapping little by little until you get all the way to the tip.  Cut off the excess.  Make sure you overlap your sequins as you go around so that none of the styrofoam shows through.

Now for the top.  I chose to do mine in silver but gold would be very pretty too.  And if you don't like metallics you could always use hemp twine or jute.

Step 6:
Poke a hole in the center of the top of your marshmallow.  I use the tip of my glue gun.

Step 7: 
Make a loop at the end of your cord and push it into the hole you just made.  I use the tip of my glue gun to do this too.  And as I am pushing it in I squeeze out a little glue too.

Step 8:
Start glueing and wrapping the cord around and then down.

Continue until you cover all of the marshmallow.

And ta-da!!  You're finished!  Now go make lots and put them in a vase....

or string them on some of your leftover cording and hang them up....

or go all Flava Flave and make them into a necklace...

haha!  okay maybe not the last one but if it's your thing I'm totally cool with that :)

Thanks so much for stopping by and thanks Gwen for hosting such a fun party!  Make sure you check out all the other bloggers and their festive tutorials!


  1. you are so clever and i am sending this to my mom so she can show my dad! :)

  2. I betcha these would add a whole dimension of sparkle on a tree. Very cool!

  3. I agree with Michele's comment... These would look awesome as individual Christmas ornaments on the tree, too. Great tutorial, Andi, and thank you so much for joining Haul Out the Holly :)

  4. I totally want the blinged out necklace... it would be the hit of any Christmas party!

  5. Love this idea, but I'd really like to know how you're so tidy with your glue gun . . . I don't think I could do this project without getting globs of glue all over the pretty sequins :(

  6. These are too stinkin' cute Andi!!!!!

  7. I love them...I need to get me a glue gun!

  8. You already know how in love with these I am. I miss you my sweet friend!! xo

  9. I love these....and I love your sense of humor! Flava Flave!!!! HA! You kill me!! Keep your chin up friend! We are all rooting for you and think that you are an a-mazingly special lady! :)

  10. So much fun!! Visiting from Gwenny Penny. You are one fun lady! :)

  11. I am seriously in love with this project! Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. these are too cute- and thanks for the tip for saving money!

  13. Oh Andi! These are GORGEOUS! I am dying at your last photo...why aren't we neighbors?

  14. Andi, these are absolutely adorable and the construction is so clever. A very fun project. I do hope this holiday brings you joy and happiness.

  15. Cute! And they're a great fashion statement, haha :)

  16. I have not seen these before and I love them! Especially the necklace! Fantastic idea! You should share it with your local Girl Scouts! These are so fun!

  17. These are so cute! LOVE them as a necklace ;) jk

    Found you at Gwenny follower.

    You can visit me as Haute To Sew

  18. These are fantastic. One of the best Xmas ideas I've seen in a very long time. Thanks for sharing.

  19. These are insanely awesome! I love them all strung up

  20. Gorgeously gorgeous! I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!

  21. Hi Jane, I so LOVE these! Thank you for the wonderful tutorial! I just linked up from our blog Sharon

  22. Hi Jane, I love your giant lite blubs. Thanks for the tutorial. I have one I would like to share with you. It's a vintage garland made of scraps. I'm also having a giveaway, come by. Thanks, Cindy


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