Thursday, April 28, 2011

Most random post EVER!

Be prepared, I am ALL over the place in this one.

I told you in my last post that I was working on my Housewife MacGyver goals and that I was going to line dry some clothes that day.  Well I did it!  I was surprised how fun it was?  Weird, I know.  It brought back good memories of helping my mom hang clothes when I was a kid.  She would also hang sheets on all four sides of our clothesline and my sister and I would use it as a fort.  It was so much fun!

Yesterday I stopped by Jo-ann's to pick up some supplies for an order I'm working on and thought I would take a look at the home decor section.  Jo-ann's has awesome sales.  Their home decor was 60% off!!  At first I didn't see anything that I had to have and started making my way to the registers.  Then I spotted this...

Not only was it a pretty blue but it had a bird on it!  It was originally 24.99 marked down to 9.99.  Now I love a good deal but I don't like to buy things just because it's such a good deal.  I have to love it and it has to have a purpose, even if it's just to look pretty and make me happy ;-)  So I hemmed and hawed.  Then it hit me...this would be the perfect box to hold our remotes!! 

Lily likes to "play" with them in hopes of watching Caillou.  So having a place to keep them out of her sights would be ideal.  AND it was the last one so that sealed the deal and I brought it home.  I think it was meant for my yellow side table!  (please disregard my lamp, it's a temp since Lily broke the one that used to be there)

Okay now for the most random part of the post...are you ready for it?  Stop drinking all beverages as you may spray them across the room.  Eating is not advised either.

I'm in DESPERATE need of a haircut/makeover.  My hair has always been a challenge.  It's fine and I don't have a ton of it.  Read: no volume.  I usually end up with something layered that resembles a mullet.  Or I go short like I did here:

So I thought it would be fun to get something different this time.  Try something new.  And what better way to try out hairstyles then the internet. ;-)
So I took an awful picture of myself with hair slicked back and no makeup.  I am totally putting myself out there by sharing this photo with you.  It makes me cringe but I'm all about keeping it real.  So here is the before...

And here is some of the hairstyles I tried on.  I don't actually know if I like any of them but it was A LOT of fun trying them on.  I even did my makeup! Oh and I used the website dailyglow incase you guys want to have some fun too.

 I'm channeling Katy Perry in this one..."Cal-i-fornia gurls..."
 Now these last two I blame on being over tired.  "IIIIII'm comin' up so you better get this party started!"

Now you see why I advised you to stop eating or drinking before continuing?  You're welcome.  Okay you can stop laughing now ;-)   

And so you don't have to leave with that last picture in your head here's a cute pic of my girls...


  1. i love the second style the best!!!! though you would look pretty hot with pink butch hair, too.

  2. I love random posts! First, you look really great in your before pictures so just go on and own it lady! Second, you could totally rock a short pink "do." Third, great shot of your girls--very pretty. Fourth, have a great day--lol!!

  3. OK, when I first scrolled down and saw the "before" pic of you with your hair pulled back, I thought you had shaved your head! LOL! What a fun site - I may have to try that out sometime. FWIW, I like the second one the best. :)

  4. Okay, so while pink may not be your best color- you could totally do that short haircut and rock it!! Darling! But I have to concur that my fav is the second one for sure. Looks like fun!

  5. I love second pic, great crack me up!

  6. Thanks for sharing your bluebird box. I need to make a trip to Joann's now! I'm excited to see what you decide to do with your hair!

  7. Random posts rock! First, the clothes line is giving me ideas... Second, that box is perfect for your space, like it was meant to be! Third, I literally laughed out loud at that pink hair but not because it looked bad (it looks really good actually) but because I wasn't expecting it and I was picturing you saying to yourself something along the lines of, "Hmmm, wonder what pink hair would look like on me?" No matter what you choose you'll look great.
    Love that photo of the girls!


  8. Oh my goodness, that is too funny. I love the 2nd one best followed by the 3rd. Would be so cute!

  9. LOVE the remote box idea. I need to do something like this. LOVE the makeover pics, too! I think you'd look great with bangs :)

  10. I love the second one! This was so much fun! I'm jealous of your laundry hanging!

  11. Ha ha!!! Freakin' classic!!! Hmmm. tough, I'm torn between look #2 and look #3.

  12. Oh yeah, and I love your bird box. Like A LOT! And your yellow side table :)

  13. :) That was a fun post. Thanks for sharing that! Love your side table and the lamp is not bad! A little spice to the shade maybe?

  14. Andi, Here is a post that explains my need for that box:
    Thanks again for sharing the great find.

  15. HA!!!! That was almost as Funny as driving around DC! Seriously, I've done that before...and it always makes you look so bizzarre, although the second cut was really cute on you...and you look pretty cute in bangs, too. Miss you!

  16. I don't even know, but I love your heart. It touched me so deeply that you sent your box to Jenny. What a kind and thoughtful thing to do.

    You are wonderful


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