Friday, April 22, 2011

Some new items in the shop!!

I've added a few new things to my shop.  I would add more but with my camera out of commission, this is all I have.

If you aren't one to wear much jewelry but still like the look of my bird nests then maybe these bobby pins would suit your fancy.

They also look adorable in a little girl's hair...just in time for Easter!

And what's cuter then a drooling baby?  A stylish drooling baby!  Reversible drool bibs now in stock!

 Have a great day!


  1. Ok Miss..... Head on over to my blog because you, my dear friend have WON AN AWARD! I love ya! :-)
    ---> The bibs are pretty much to die for and just what I need for my sisters soon to come July baby BOY! You will be selling some stuff in your shop soon! I haven't forgotten! Can't wait! <---
    Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. you know i love those bobby pins!!! so super cute!

  3. SO SO ADORABLE! can sew too?? YOu are the Jane of all crafts!

  4. Those pins are adorable and I'm in love with those reversible bibs!! Too bad I don't have a baby... but wait, I have a friend who's about to drop a kid any moment. I'll have to send her your way. ;)

  5. I love those bobby pins! Very cute!

  6. The bobby pins are gorgeous, Andi! I absolutely love them. Cute bibs, too :)


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