Saturday, April 30, 2011

Did you know I'm a vegetarian?

Me either!  But in May I try to be one.  A poser, if you will.  My best friend, Stacey, decided to become a vegetarian last year.  I was floored when she told me.  She was my meat buddy.  When we were both pregnant at the same time we scarfed on coney island style hot dogs, put bacon on everything possible, passed the time daydreaming about what meat we were going to eat next.  Weird I know, but my other best friend, Erin, is a vegetarian and when the three of us got together and had deep conversations about food, Stacey was my go to gal for mad meat props. "What up bacon?"
So why do I go all vegetarian in May you ask?

1. Meat and May both begin with 'M' (so it sounds cool)
2. I wasn't sure if I could last longer then a month
3. I wanted to show support my for Stacey in a more concrete way.

And so NO MEAT MAY was born!


I had so much fun last year that I thought I would do it again this year.  So here we are on the eve of May 1st.  I thought I would let you know what the rules of the game which will make me that more accountable.

1. So although it is No Meat May, I will be eating fish/seafood.
2. I will not be eating beef, chicken, pork, etc.
3. I will try new non meat protein sources, even if they seem a tad scary :-)

And that's it!  Wanna join me in the fun?  If enough of you are interested in becoming a vegetarian poser like me (Mad respect to you vegetarian rock stars), then maybe I can make a button or even (gasp!) a link party.  And maybe some guest bloggers?  Whatcha think?


  1. woo hoo! like i said, if it weren't for chris i would join you! as it is, i eat meat (chicken or turkey only) maybe twice a week... i eat tons of eggs and seafood. i love omlettes, hummus, and lemongrass has some great vegetarian entrees, too. good luck, andi!

  2. you are going to feel amazing!! have fun with it and maybe it will stick with you longer than may = )

  3. As a vegetarian all of the time (since I was a toddler) if you want any advice or ideas just let me know! Good for you for trying something new, and if you hate it and want to eat may in a week, I think thats okay too :)

  4. I will be supporting you on your no-meat journey, but I will not be joining you friend. It's not that I need to eat meat. I mean, I like it and all, but it's not a super fave or anything. It's more that if I deprive myself of meat, I will most certainly want meat more than ever, and that will make it torture because I vowed to not eat meat...ya know?? So, good luck to you :) haha!

  5. I just went grocery shopping and bought meat. So I can't join in but I admire it! We're going all raw again in August though!

  6. Good Luck Andi! I'm not vegetarian but my daughter is (she declared it several months ago and is still going strong) so I know what you mean when you say those non-meat protein sources seem scary!


  7. Hey mama. Thanx for the "No Meat" props. I know you can do it because Gouda- Vest ;)

    Luv ya lots

  8. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
    Proud of you!
    Thanks for your sweet words about my gpa!
    LOVE your post with the hair!!!!!! Espec the pink! LOL

  9. Awesome idea! Maybe I can convince my husband... maybe... are pigs flying yet? :)

  10. Good luck, Andi! My sister has been a vegetarian for about 13 years. I couldn't do it... I like steak!


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