Monday, April 4, 2011

10 minute Monday at Seriously a homemaker

One of the bloggers I met at the local bloggers brunch was Angie from Seriously a Homemaker.  I liked her before the brunch as I was already a follower of her blog, liked her even more after meeting her in person, and after reading this...

"Andi, Jane of all Crafts, is freakin’ awesome. Hi Andi. It was totally weird and awesome that you actually read my blog and stuff. I loved meeting you and think I’d like to keep you in my pocket. If you were Polly Pocket-sized."

I really, really like her! ;-)
Did you catch the "freakin' awesome" part? Haha!  I had no idea I was so awesome or that I would make a good pocket pet. :-)

Well anyway enough about me, back to Angie.  She started up a link party called 10 minute Monday Here are the instructions:

One big (little) mess.

Exactly 10 minutes to kick its butt.

Pictures to prove it.

Walk away feeling like a rock star! 

So here's my living room before...(please excuse the horrible glare)

This is actually pretty mild...usually it's A LOT worse!
aaarrrgh! No matter how hard I try this little wall always collects stuff, and the jackets on the banister-drives me batty!
Zoe isn't sure if she wants to watch a little tv or improve her score on Dora goes camping.


And here it is after...


Ahhhh...much better!

I was amazed how much I could do in ten minutes!  We spent the rest of the day out so my living room actually still looks like this!!    


  1. ok, that was barely a mess! i didn't take the challenge because i needed 10 hours. :)

  2. I like this idea! Whenever I start cleaning up I look at the clock and its been like two hours. You got a lot done in ten minutes!

  3. What a nice comment-liment (compliment comment... bad pun?)

  4. Great job!! Your house is so pretty :0)

  5. Awesome! I love your rug! Funny, that's what I noticed instead of the mess. I also did Angies idea, and I think it is so fun you all met up.

  6. your dogs are awesome. in the first pic, i couldn't quite make out what those gray things on the couches were! i linked you up, m'kay? now i am off to find better pictures of your turquoise dresser, polly/jane/andi! THAnKS SO MUCH FOR LInKInG UP!!!!

  7. did you get your tv stand from cassie? I think I recognize it! haha- apparently the same pieces of her furniture appeal to both of us.

  8. Well done! Plus, I LOVE the table your TV is on! Beautiful color!
    Stopping by from Seriously a Homemaker. :)

  9. Nice work! I didn't bother showing my living room/play room because that would not have happened in 10 minutes!

  10. It's amazing what can be done in 10 mins isn't it! I think if most people just took 10 mins morning and afternoon after a couple of weeks their whole house would look so much better organised. Now I shall have to take my own!!

  11. I actually started timing myself during individual chores. I wanted to know how much time it actually takes to make my bed or do the dishes. I was astounded to find out that making my bed takes about 2 minutes. really? Why do I dread doing it? When I remind myself that it will be done in 2 minutes it makes me more motivated to get it done.


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