Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the my entryway looks less small

I've mentioned before that our entryway is tiny.  And what makes a room look bigger?  Mirrors!  I purchased a mirror at Home Goods last year...and I just put it up today!  I had been waiting because I wanted to paint the walls first.  And since that doesn't seem to be happening any time soon I figured I should get it done.  I forgot to take a before pic so below is all I could can kinda see a little of the mirror and shelf.

Blah decor a la walmart.  This was before I learned that things can be functional and pretty.  And here it is now...

I wish I could give you a better picture of the whole space because just buy adding a huge mirror and taking away the shelf the "room" seems so much bigger!  I still have to find a place for my girls' to hang their coats. I had some hooks from Ikea but they looked so puny below the mirror so I'm trying to decide whether to keep them and put them somewhere else or look for more substantial hooks.

And while I was there I made one more quick change.  Remember this project?

Well I wasn't really lovin' the paper I used.  I wanted something a bit brighter.  I found some paper at the hob lobster on clearance.  I had no clue what I was going to do with it but for 59cents I knew I would find something.  It's a big paisley print with chocolate brown, aqua (hee hee), orange, pink!
(sorry about the craptastic photos again! Still raining)

ahhhhh much better!  I love how it pulls out the colors more then the other paper did, actually the other paper didn't do that at all :-D

And fyi...I have made the leap and am attempting my first furniture makeover.  YIKES!!  I'm scurred.  Stay tuned.  Even if it turns out bad I promise to show you guys cuz I know you'll go easy on me :-)


  1. the mirror is gorgeous! and i love the family name artwork- the new paper makes the colors in it pop so much more.
    and you know i can't wait to see your furniture redo! :)

  2. So inspiring! I LOVE the color of the mirror, and I love the "morris" piece you put together. I think I'm going to try that in my home....with a different name, of course. :)

  3. I love reading your posts. You always make me smile. The mirror looks great!
    Hobby Lobby has some cool knobs that when mounted on a board make cool coat hangers.

  4. That mirror is freakin' killing me, I love it SO much! Definitely a better paper choice, good call. As far as the furniture re-do goes, you'll rock it! I believe in you :)

  5. I love the mirror! And I laughed because I am the same way -- I have a laundry basket full of picture frames that are waiting to be hung after the walls get a fresh coat of paint (in our rental... no fun colors, but fresh paint at least :). Problem is, we've lived here for over a year and a half now. I finally just gave up last week and hung my first wall decor. If I ever get around to painting, I guess it will just come back down!

  6. OH YEAH! And I super love that you have a ticker counting down until NKOTB :)
    (ASFL) xo

  7. furniture makeover- intriguing! You have the best crafty ideas!

  8. I love the mirror, Andi! And it looks great in your entryway. Can't wait to see the furniture redo!

  9. GOOD CALL on the paper switcharoo! its perfection now! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  10. Mirrors make such a big difference! I also love that colorful wall hanging with your name. Very nice and eye-catcing!

  11. Love the mirror. I, too, am trying my first big girl furniture makeover. I cheated and spray painted something once, but that doesn't count. This one is fur realz. Good luck to you! Can't wait to see it.
    Amy ~mysunshineshere

  12. Looks awesome Andi! And great job on the picture too.


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