Thursday, April 21, 2011

Houston we have a problem

Um...I somehow have misplaced the charger to my camera and my camera is dead. :-(  So I can't take pictures until I find it.  BUT I'm getting super duper close to 200 followers, and you know what that means....GIVEAWAY!!!  I was thinking maybe 2 giveaways?  And I also thought it would be fun to do a q & a, ask me anything type deal.  You ask.  I answer.  Watcha think?  Sound fun?

Oh and speaking of giveaway is going on for a whole week so head on over to DIY club and enter.  Hurry!!  It ends April 26th midnight EST!!! In case you miss it or don't win I'm also offering 25% off all orders until April 30th.  Just use the code DIY CLUB at checkout!  Perfect timing for Mother's Day!!


  1. oh no! i haven't seen you!
    and of course i think a q & a would be fun!

  2. Yes, a Q and A is always fun!

  3. Yes, I love a Q&A!
    YAY for giveaways, woohoo!


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