Monday, May 2, 2011

My first furniture makeover!

Awhile ago I told you guys I was working on my first furniture makeover and I was.  Then it rained, then I had life responsibilities, errands, it rained some more, and then it rained SOME MORE!  Finally today the weather was pleasant and we were hanging out at home until Natalie's dance class at 4. And to top it off Lily took an extra long nap so I was able to finish it ALL today!!

Here is the before picture:

My mom gave me this little dresser.  It was her mom's.  She said it was in their bathroom growing up.  For the longest time it was this lovely (ahem) sixties green.  Then my dad stripped it and stained it a mahogany color.

Here's a picture of some of the green paint left on the inside of the drawers.

And a pic of some nasty old cobwebs!  I can't believe they have been there for gosh knows how long!! Eww!!  I'm so appalled with myself.

Are you ready to see what I did with it?  I'm so excited to show you guys but super nervous!!  Here you go...

It took me awhile to decide what I wanted to do.  And finally I just decided to start and see how it went.  Another words...wing it!!  I didn't want to buy new paint so I picked a color from some samples I had left over from when I repainted the living room.  The color is called Silver Leaf in satin by Valspar.  I sanded the finish off the top and lightly sanded the rest of the dresser because I wanted to have the dark show through when I distressed it.

I had originally thought I would stain the top but instead I like the contrast of the different woods so I just rubbed on some clear paste wax.  I kept the knobs although I may change them, thoughts?

I had so much fun doing I want to do it all the time.  My unpainted furniture doesn't stand a chance!!  Unless of course you guys tell me that I should keep my day job. honest, I can take it. :)

Partying over here...


  1. it is adorable!!! i love it even more now that i can see it bigger than on my phone screen! :) i love the natural wood top- it is perfect with the yellow knobs. nicely done, andi!!!

  2. I like it a lot. From these pictures it almost looks like the knobs match the top. Great job!

  3. Looks great! I love the knobs especially!

  4. It looks great! I like the knobs but it's a lot of fun to shop for new knobs too... so many knobs at the hardware store!

  5. OMG It looks awesome! Although I know nothing about restoring furniture (I usually just paint over everything hahaha) It looks great to me and I wouldn't change a thing unless you come across some knobs that just WOW ya. ;)


  6. YAY!!! It's so awesome!!! I really really love it. All of it! Great job friend! First one down, a billion to go :)

  7. Ummmm... SERIOUSLY!!!!! You rock sista! It looks fabulous and I LOVE the contrast of the top - and the knobs are to die for!!!
    Way to go! Come to my house and spruce it up will ya??? :-)

  8. yay andi! see, you are handy ;-p sorry about the desk.....which i still need to pick up. im sure at this point you could tell them you are emily and take it = )

  9. That came out great! I like that the knobs match the top.

  10. Looks awesome!!!!!! Keep at it, lady!

  11. It looks great, Andi! I like the knobs, but agree with Lorene that it's so fun to shop for new knobs. Great choice leaving the top unfinished.

  12. Love the top! You did a great job and I can't wait to see what else you create. : )

  13. Oh that dresser turned out so good! Would you want to share something with us that you've made recently? ‎{Share the Love} link up party is starting tomorrow at! Please come link up!

  14. I just finished my first piece of furniture this weekend too! I feel like we should earn a badge of honor from the blogosphere! :)

    Congratulations on a beautiful accomplishment!

  15. Very nice first job! Redoing furniture is truely addictive! i have the bug as well and redoing pieces is my most favorite thing to do! Great job...keep going! The knobs are so cute bu the glad you kept those!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  16. those knobs are so fun! i love the distressing! i've found it's my new favorite thing to do :) am your new follower, too. andie @


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