Tuesday, May 10, 2011

veggin' out, my awesome friend, and major points for the hubby

You might want to go get a snack and find a comfy chair before continuing on.  The first paragraph is a tad long but keep reading because there are pictures...I promise!!

First I want to say thank you for all your support on my no meat May challenge.  If I had actually planned a bit better maybe some of you would have been able to join me in my meatless voyage.  Maybe next year i will get my stuff together and announce it a little sooner.  But with my track record I may forget until April 30th like I did this year.  I believe my exact words were, "Holy crap tomorrow is the beginning of no meat May!!"  And I'm sure you are all on pins and needles wondering how I am doing.  Well so far so good.  Day 10 and still no meat.  I have to say this year it has been harder more because of habits not cravings.     Day 1 I was getting the hubby his package of beef jerky and without thinking I grabbed a piece and started to take a bite.  When I realized what I was doing I kinda freaked out.  It was only day 1 for pete's sake and I wasn't going to go down because of some lame jerky.  Day 4 I wasn't thinking again and popped a piece of Lily's chicken in my mouth to see if it was too hot for her to eat.  I even started to chew it.  Once I realized what I was doing I spit it out.  You would have thought I had been eating dirt the way I frantically brushed it off my tongue.  FYI: it tasted magical.  But that's besides the point.  I have committed to no meat and I will follow this through.  Since then, there have been no more close calls.  I have to say I am getting tired of fish and eggs.  I am going to trader joe's this week and want to get some yummy vegetarian things.  Anyone have any recipes or products that I should definitely try (even if they aren't from trader joe's)?

Alright, next topic.  I have this awesome friend who a lot of you know and I have talked about her a lot on here.  She has a blog and does amazing things with furniture.  Well she has become a dear friend and I love her to death.  She has the biggest heart and is always so positive and generous.  She has been going through her stuff seeing what she wants to get rid of and what she wants to keep.  And because she is so thoughtful twice now she has put things aside for me that she thought I would like (sorry I don't have a picture of the first group of stuff).  I was at her house today and here is what she had for me:

Look at all that aqua!  I love it all.
And look at this adorable stand AND it has a bird!!

And to top it off she found this cute little mirror and spray painted it a glossy yellow for me!!

I am planning a wall o mirrors above our couch and this is her contribution.  See isn't she so thoughtful??  Thanks Cassie!  You are the best.

Okay and lastly, my mother's day gift from the hubby:

Vintage-y goodness!  I have taught him well.  And I always thought he just zoned out when I started talking crafts. These babies are currently being made into something that will be in my shop soon.


  1. you are soooo welcome, my awesome friend! i am also very thankful for our friendship and will keep you posted on homes for sale in my neighborhood. :)

  2. I super duper totally agree that Cassie is THE BEST!! I'm wishin' you girls didn't live across the country from me all the way over here in CA by myself :(
    That yellow mirror is DREAMy along with the other treasures she passed on to you. So awesome!
    Oh, and can your hubby talk to my hubby....after this post I'm pretty sure yours is a genius! xo

  3. Hmmmm....How did I know that awesome friend would be Cassie before you even said her name....

    The jewelry is to die for!

    Take care,

  4. Glad to hear "No Meat May" has been a success so far. You scored some great stuff from Cassie. Can't wait to see how the wall of mirrors turns out.

  5. Wow! You did score major league from Cassie...I'm interested what you are planning with all those vintage jewels? As you know I use them a lot in my stuff, too.

  6. Ok... I am SO SORRY to laugh, but the scraping chicken off of your tongue dealie-o made me chuckle!!! You are doing SO GREAT!!!! Trader Joes is sure to have some delic options! Can I join in on the "No Meat May" next year??? I would LOVE to try it!!!
    P.S. This just in: 17 DAYS UNTIL NKOTB!!!!

  7. You could try more beans, lentils, seitan cutlets, veggie burgers, PB french toast, cottage cheese on sweet potato (lots of protein), tempeh, or thick hearty grains. Keep it up!


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