Friday, May 6, 2011

200 followers!!! You know what that means...


Whoo hoo!!

And what am I giving away?

How about your choice of any item from my etsy shop and I'll customize it if you'd like!

Before I get to the fine print I just want to say thank you to all of you who have been apart of this whole blogging experience.  I appreciate each and every one of you.  Your kind words, support, encouragement, and laughing at all my jokes ;-) means so much to me.  I have made connections with a lot of you and even though we have never met (yet) I know we will have life long friendships.

Okay back to bis-naz...
I had orginially said I was thinking about 2 giveaways but instead I've decided to just give you guys more chances to win.  But don't worry though I'll be having another giveaway in the near future! Promise!

How to enter:

1. MANDATORY- Must be a follower of Jane of All Crafts leave a comment telling me so.
2. Follow Jane of All Crafts on Facebook and leave a comment telling me.
3. Follow Jane of All Crafts on Twitter and leave a comment telling me.
4. Make Natalily Designs an Etsy fave.

Extra Credit: Tell me your favorite post, project, joke (hehe), or whatever on Jane of All Crafts.  Or, EVEN BETTER, share with me a favorite project, joke, or whatever of your own!

So that's it.  4 make that 5 chances to win!!!
Winner will be generated by  Giveaway ends Monday May 16th at 8am EST.  Winner will be announced on here and will need to email me to claim their prize.

Thanks and good luck!!!


  1. Shocked I wasn't already following but now a follower on Twitter :)

  2. Just added Natalily Designs to my faves on Etsy :)
    Thanks so much for hosting such an awesome giveaway!

  3. Here is my joke for you, I wasn't going to add this but my 10 year old son got me this morning and I figured I might as well share :)
    Knock knock,
    Who's there?
    Spell who?

    {It took me a minute too. Lol.}

  4. Congrats on 200, Andi! You're already in my faves on Etsy.

  5. I'm a follower and you know I love that nest design. Yes, please!

  6. Liked you on Facebook from my personal page and blog page!

  7. Yay Andi!! Congrats! :) I'm a follower and I would love to win something from your fabulous shop!

  8. And I already had your shop in my favs! Yay!

  9. I am a google follower! I tried to fave on etsy but it messed me up and wouldn't let me. Lame.

    Congrats on the followers!

  10. Natalily Designs is and has been one of my Etsy Faves :)

  11. Hmmmm, favorite project. I think I'm still in love with your yarn wreath. It really is the best one I have ever seen!

  12. am i allowed to enter? if so, i am a follower!!! the biggest fandi! (that means fan of andi.)

  13. Here's my funny story: I was supposed to call my Dad today to wake him up. He's taking pain meds that make him drowsy. My husband took me out of town for my birthday and I forgot to call him. When I got home, I had a message on the phone. When I listened to it, all I could hear was someone snoring. It made me laugh hysterically.

  14. Congrats! You know that I'm a follower.

  15. And, you are already an etsy fav!

  16. I am a happy follwer! Thanks for the giveaway.

  17. Finally dound your shop on etsy (wouldn't come up doing a search for natalily - not yours at least)! I faved you! (it's under a personal acct)

  18. Favorite project? Hmmm... I really love how your elf on the shelf came out - so cute!

  19. I'm a new follower---and I'm an Andi, too!


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