Monday, October 25, 2010

She's going as Mike Tyson and I'll be Evander Holyfield

Hey there!  Just a quick post to share something funny, well it's funny now. 

Lily, my 13 month old, is going to be Nemo for Halloween.  But after the last few days I am rethinking the whole idea.  She has picked up a lovey(sarcasm) habit...biting.  Not the I'm-biting-down-on-your -shoulder-because-I'm-teething type of biting but the I-don't-like-that-you-are-picking-me-up-because-I-want-to-walk-and-do-what-- want type of biting.  She has drawn blood...twice.  And after she just laughs and laughs.  Well her new habit has lead us to nicknaming her "Mickey" after Mike Tyson.  Saturday she went for my ear but luckily I was quicker.  Who knows if I will be so lucky next time! 

Got any biting stories to share?  Only because I'd like to think I'm not the only one out there with a vampire for a child.  Unless she was the sparkly kind. ;-)

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  1. Ah, the biting phase - I remember it well. Twice. And the subsequent laughing. Yes, good times. It was Boogey's weapon of choice for a while... perfected it on her older sister. Would go running after her with mouth open, teeth bared like a rabid dog. Ahhh, yes, good times.


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