Thursday, March 3, 2011

Etsy shop

I have a confession.

I have an Etsy shop.

I have had an Etsy shop since August.

I have had an Etsy shop since August with nothing in it.

But thanks to you guys and your love of my bird nest rings I have been motivated to finish setting it up.  I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the shipping charges, policies, shop announcement etc. decisions.  I want to be fair but let's be would be nice to at least break even.  So this goes out to all you shop owners and/or Etsy frequent buyers.  Any tips, suggestions?  Big no-nos that I should be aware of?
Thanks so much!!!

I can't take credit for such an awesome name.  My friend Cassie came up with it after I made asked her to come up with some ideas.  I love it.  I didn't want anything too pigeon-holed.  I am Jane of all crafts after all ;-)  And it includes the names of my two most favorite projects.


  1. First of all, congrats! I love the shop name and the design of your banner. I have lots of advice...much too much to offer right here, however, here goes: go out and buy your self a small postal scale at Staples or Office need for an expensive one. Your products should be relatively easy to mail, but I always add tracking to my packages. I've had quite a few packages get lost and it helps to know where they went awry. Finally, take great photos, use all of your tags and give measurements in your descriptions! Any questions, just give me a call.

  2. yay!!!! the banner looks fabulous, andi! i am so happy and excited for you!

  3. yay! now i dont have to make my own nest ring. i'll be one of your first customers!!!! congrats on on the shop = )

  4. you would totally sell. just keep prices fair and depending on how quick it is for you to make them, only put finished pieces up and let people know that you can customize, but it will take more time and possibly cost more. they are so cool. you should really get it up and running. i'll totally buy one... i'm thinking gold wire, with rose and cherry quartz ;) haha. i look forward to seeing stuff in it!!!
    giveaway!! yay!!!!

  5. ahhh fabulous congrats and happy crafting/etsy-ing!!! hehe! keep us posted on your items as you add them into the shop! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  6. Good luck setting up shop. It's all so overwhelming to me—probably why I haven't done it yet! Those rings are SO adorable, though. You'll sell tons. Best of luck, and let us know how it goes!

  7. Love the name and can't wait to see your shop up and running!

  8. YAY for Etsy shops!! Good luck, you'll do GREAT! Well, I am definitely not an Etsy expert, but I would just say that you should treat your buyer the way you would like to be treated. I always e-mail the person right when I see their purchase and thank them for their business. I also make a point to ship right away and enclose a hand written note with the package. It's the little things with me. I'm not happy when I buy something, I never hear from the person at all, and it shows up at my house without any note or anything. It just bugs me. SO there you have it, my two cents :)

  9. Hi Andi,

    Congrats on the shop! Can't wait to see what you put up for sale.

    Sorry to hear about your family's sickies. Seems like there's a lot of that going around. :( My prayers for them to get better soon.


  10. Awesome! The design is very cool, I love it!

  11. Your newest follower! LOVE your blog!! excited for posts to come :) I am also in the process of starting an etsy... Its definitely an overwhelming task! But I get weekly emails from etsy with tips for your etsy! It has been really helpful.

  12. I'm sure it will be a success! Good luck!


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