Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring centerpiece

After seeing this post from my bloggy friend Gwen at Gwenny Penny I knew that I had to have one in my house.  I already had the cloche, thanks to Emily! :-) And I already had some faux eggs that I ripped off an Easter decoration that I didn't like anymore.  All I needed was a nest.  So I headed to Hobby Lobby and found two nests for about 3 bucks.  And here is the end result...

I had the cake stand and thought it would make a cute pedestal for the cloche.  Nothing permanent though, in case I change my mind.  Which I will. ;-)

Hopefully Mother Nature will get the hint and Spring will be here ASAP.  I long for picnics and afternoons at the park and garage sales!!  And less cases of the sickies.

Thanks everyone for their kind words on my last post.  We are definitely on the mend.  The girls' seem back to their old selves and I'm pretty close myself.  Now if we could just get my poor Sammy well then I will feel better.  (Disclaimer: photo taken way before my blogging days)

Being a vet tech gives you knowledge of what may be to come.  Which can be a good thing or a bad thing.  Sammy is 12 years old and I think his kidneys may be going :-( :-(  I'm taking him in tomorrow and will hopefully get some answers.


  1. okay, first of all i had no idea you are a vet tech - makes me love ya even more!! :-) huge animal lover!!!
    second of all... don't you love the nests under the glass dome!? i have one from last spring - real nest (abandoned, i promise) with a feaux robin's egg in it and it brings me much joy!
    cannot wait for the etsy shop to be up and running - i will be purchasing a ring (or 2) - let me know when it's all set.
    love love to you - so glad you are all on the mend!

  2. Love the nest, Andi! Your eggs are so cute. Like the way the cloche looks on the cake stand, too.

    Hope Sammy feels better soon:)


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