Thursday, March 31, 2011

A few days ago in a state far, far away... awesome girl named Ali mailed a couple of packages.  She was determined to bring her friends to the dark side.  She was convinced swans were the new owls.  So she mailed out two little white swans.  One to me and one to Cassie.  Her forces have prevailed and I am smitten!! How could I not be...

Isn't it adorable?  So thank you Ali for bringing me over to the dark side ;-)  Aren't blogging friends the best!?

And speaking of blogging friends.  I told you about my swap with Nicole @ My House of L and how she sent me a zipper pouch and a posy clip.  Well I wore the posy clip to a birthday party at one of those indoor inflatable slides, bouncy castles type places.  And I lost the posy clip.  Oh the shame.  I was heartbroken.  I told Nicole that I had lost it and would be buying a new one from her shop ASAP.  But Nicole being so sweet offered to send me a new one!  Here it is...

She even added a pin so I was less likely to lose it. ;-)  And look at all that aqua!!  Love!  Thanks again Nicole!


  1. i need to take a pic of my swan, too! i love him! i have had a busy week- it's in my plans for this weekend.
    and hey, i recognize that sweater! :) love the posy!

  2. Ha, ha! I just read that the fox is the new owl... we'll have to see which one wins. Beautiful posy clip, too.

  3. I love the pin! Still not COMPLETELY sold on the swan (maybe in red) but I do love owls still although turtles have my heart.

  4. So glad you got the pin...looks great!

  5. AHHHH LOVE THE SWAN! Do you think it would be friends with my owls? =) hehe!

    the pin is super cute! though it is my rival teams colors! oh nooooo! =) cuteness > rivalry

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  6. YES!!! Bloggy friends ARE the best! that little swan was mwant to be yours :)

  7. Seriously sorry about my lazy girl typos. Ick. "That little swan was meant to be yours." Ok, there. Geez.

  8. To funny...Before I even started reading I saw the picture of the swan. I was thinking how familiar that swan looked. Then you said "Ali and Cassie" and I put two and two together! Ali is one of the best and sweetest bloggers out there!

    Take care,


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