Monday, March 21, 2011

The Purple pill and some file labels

I got very little accomplished today.  Turns out I have acid reflux...maybe.  A month or 2 ago I had this weird thing happen.  Intense aching in my back and chest that radiated up my jaw into my sinuses and ears.  There was also a feeling of my throat closing and a burning/cooling sensation.  And this may be TMI but I couldn't stop salivating and gagging.  It was AWFUL!!  It hurt so bad but after a couple of hours it went away.  I told myself if it happened again I would got to the doctor.  Well on my way to trader joe's for some much needed groceries, it started.  So I detoured to the doctor.  They gave me a sample of Nexium and ordered some blood work.  Well I took a Nexium when I got home.  I'm better but it STILL hurts.  Not sure if I'm sold on the whole acid reflux diagnosis.  If it is reflux, I send out a huge hug to all you sufferers...cuz this sucks!  

Since I didn't get anything done today I thought I would show you something I've been meaning to share for awhile.  Way back in January I participated in the 21 day organizing challenge.  Day two's challenge was to organize your desk top.  I don't really have a desk so I organized our household info hub.  Since then I have been looking for a filing system to hang on the wall so that each member of the family has there own slot.  Well while at the container store I found these...

Not only were they inexpensive but they were sturdy and easy to put up.  I also liked the idea of being able to personalize them.  So I put my silhouette to good use and made some vinyl labels...

 I used one of my favorite fonts, pupcat and ivory vinyl.  I kept it simple so I could showcase my awesome file folders!!!

birds...of course!!! :-D

P.S. Did you notice my new countdown widget? hee hee!


  1. SO sorry about the ouchy gaggy burny feeling. That sucks!!! Hopefully they find out what it is and fix it asap. I love your wall files and those bird folders are to die for!!!

  2. oh yuck. i am sooo sorry! i had horrid indigestion when i was pregnant with emmy, so i can only imagine this is like a billion times worse. hope the purple pill helps. if not you could try little. yellow. nuprin. do they even make that anymore? remember it in wayne's world?

  3. Boo that's lame! I'm a frequent tum taker but I don't get it too bad, I've not yet had to take anything stronger. It is the worst when it happens though, its like all you can do is wait for it to digest.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. :-) you are too funny!!!
    first of all - OMG! NKOTB you are going to have an AWESOME time! Take lots of pic's k?
    second of all - totally an acid reflux sufferer and all I can say is thank peter - paul and mary for PRILOSEC! I have been taking it forev!
    third of all - have a fab day friend!!!! :-)

  5. Just thought I'd share that I love Pupcat, too :-)

  6. Yuck, Andi:( Hope you get this whole thing figured out soon. I love your vinyl labels... too cute! Your folders are pretty sweet, too.

  7. Hi Andi~

    Stopping by from My House of L, what a fun blog!Your NKOTB widgit is pretty funny! My cousin still loves them too. Hoping to get a Silhouette soon so I can make nifty crafts like you. :) Happy to be new follower.

    Drop by The Tattered Tag

  8. My barking dogs almost made me forget..wanted to invite you to link your great Etsy shop to The Homespun Slate @ The Tattered Tag. It is a fun place to for on-line shops to gather.

    Drop by The Tattered Tag

  9. Those are awesome! I want to do something like that for my desk area. Thanks for sharing the great organizing idea!


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