Sunday, March 27, 2011

Local bloggers brunch and some impromptu sightseeing

Happy Sunday everyone!
Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend and are ready for the week.
My weekend started out with a trip to Arlington, Va for a local bloggers brunch.  Melissa at HOUSEography opened her beautiful home to us.  She even gave us a tour!!  You can check out her home tour here.  I pretty much wanted to move into her master bath.  The tile...amazing!

The rest of our time there was spent eating yummy food, sipping mimosas (YUM!) and lots of chatting!  It was so great getting to know other local bloggers.  Here's a picture (thanks Cassie!) of all of us minus Danielle of Fresh Quince who left early to see family who were in town visiting.

Photo courtesy of Cassie @ Primitive and Proper
Back Row: Katelyn, Kyra, Shannon, Kathy, Angie, Me, Felicity
Front Row: Cassie, Amy, behind Amy is Renee, Sarah, Laurie, and Melissa

Time flew by and before we knew it was time to go.  Our hosts, Melissa and Cassie gave us these awesome mustache mugs with yummy biscotti!

Courtesy of Cassie @Primitive and Proper

And you know I am a big fan of the 'stache!

And well folks that's where the fun ended.  Renee and I rode together.  We came through a not so nice part of DC on the way to the brunch and had hoped to avoid it on the way back.  And also the National marathon was that morning and we weren't sure if some of the roads would still be closed.  If I was running 26.2 miles the roads would STILL be closed...haha! a nut shell we got lost.  Like super lost.  Like we need to stop and ask that nice police officer how to get the heck out of here lost. Like it took TWO HOURS to get home when it should have taken 45 minutes lost!! I felt like I was in a National Lampoon's movie, "Look kids it's the capital!"  I should have had another mimosa!  After this experience I am no longer in denial.  Hi my name is Andi and I am directionally challenged.


  1. it was so fun!!! sorry about the "sightseeing". i got stuck in traffic and at first was frustrated, but then i remembered i should enjoy the rare times i have totally alone, and i put good music on and relaxed and enjoyed the slow ride.

  2. It was so great to finally meet you in person!! :) Hope we can do it again sometime.

  3. Wow it sounds like everyone had a great time. I wish we lived closer. I think Cassie is awesome. Sorry that you all got lost. Glad I found your blog!

  4. I empathize -- I am also directionally challenged! Even when no one else could even think to get lost, I can get lost. I miss freeway exits all the time. But one I've found my way to wherever I was going, I can get myself un-lost faster and faster since I notice weird landmarks and things. So I know the 2 mile radius around my brother's house just as well as I know my own neighborhood :)

  5. Oh no! That's horrible!!! So sorry it took you so long to get home. I should have sent you some directions :)

  6. Andi- it was nice to meet you!- sorry you got lost on the way home :(

  7. Couldn't have said it better myself...I am Renee, and I am directionally challenged, too.

  8. I had so much meeting you the other day. I can't wait to follow you and get to see you again in person sometime soon!
    Amy ~mysunshineshere

  9. Ummm... ok, totally going to need to get me a mustache mug! For shizzle! :-) My poor hubby can't grow a mustache without it being all over the place - this way he could pretent! :-) tee hee hee
    (Finally figured out how to post peoples buttons on my blog! Whoop Whoop!)


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