Sunday, March 6, 2011

I don't know whether to laugh or cry...

...or do that crazy laugh-cry thing.  So I got over that stomach bug only to come down with some nasty cold like thing.  The stomach bug was a cake walk.  This kicked my behind.  Today I finally don't feel like complete doo-doo.  And Natalie after getting over strep got the stomach bug. (insert crazy laugh-cry here)  So still no crafts but lots of Lysol!!! ;-) All this 'down time' (haha) has given me time to think about all the projects I want to work on.

One thing I want to do is work with polymer clay.  I love the stuff.  And I'm in love with all the cute mini food made out of polymer clay out there.  I spent about an hour yesterday watching how to videos on you tube. :-)  I have made some stuff in the past but have never shared them with you (I apologize in advance for the poor photos...oh how I have learned so much since my pre blogging days).
Here ya go...

Some yummy food...

Doughnut ring...!!

And last but not least...Spongebob's house!  A certain 5 year old asked very nicely that I make it and I love how it turned out!

I hope to play around with some polymer clay soon and show you the results.
Until then I'm off to slather myself in vicks and turn the humidifier on high so my throat won't be on fire in the morning from all the mouth breathing I'm sure I will be doing.


  1. Oh no!! I hope you all feel better soon!! Seems like this time of year is awful for this. We just got over all that too.
    I love your little clay pieces - that ring is so cute and Spongebob's house is AMAZING!! That detail is so great.
    I can't wait to see what you do in the future with it. ;)

  2. Hope everyone is feeling better soon, Andi. Love the polymer clay food. That burger is awesome!

  3. Love the donuts! Life ain't much fun when your all sick...get well soon :)

  4. Cute, cute food! Sorry about all the yuckies! Hope everyone gets it out of their systems fast!

  5. aw, you poor thing! hope you are feeling better soon! doughnuts can make anyone feel happy and better, so just wear that ring all day and it will be like magic. and sprinkles of course are key.
    i love all the little mini foods!

  6. Oh my word, you are amazing! I tried my hand at making flowers from polymer clay a couple of weeks ago -- DISASTER! I do not have the talent that you have, obviously.

    I hope you all recover soon and well!

  7. Hope you feel better soon! And when in doubt, laugh!

  8. Please feel better soon! Your food looks amazing! Can't wait to see more...

  9. So so cool! It looks so real and you have done an amazing job!

    Take care,

  10. OH NO!!! I hope you're feeling better. Being sick sucks (ha ha, my son would say - mommy, you're not supposed to say sucks. It's a naughty word. Ha ha!!). Anyway, if that mini-food can't make you feel better, nothin' can! It's adorable!!


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