Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Master bathroom progress

Oh yeah I'm revamping our bathroom on the cheap, you know like new paint, new light etc.  And I say master bathroom but really our ONLY full bathroom.  Oh the joys of living in a 2 bedroom town home with  2 kids and 2 dogs.  Cosy is not the word I would use to describe it ;)   But it's home none the less.  What was I talking about?...oh yeah our bathroom.

So since you are just finding out about this let me give you a little bit of back story.  And I do mean little.  Picture your basic builder type bathroom with crappy medicine cabinet, ugly hollywoodesque lights that do nothing for my complexion, a mirror the size of the grand canyon, and blah beige walls.  It stayed this way for about um...2 years and when I was pregnant with Natalie and obviously nesting I thought it was time to paint it.  So I picked this color called Sprinkle...

(until recently I did not notice the potty humor in my color choice.  he he.) I also got rid of the crappy medicine cabinet, added some storage above the toilet, bought a new towel bar, and a new shower curtain.

This bathroom has NO windows so please excuse my crappy pics.

Because I am lame I forgot to take a before pic. You can kinda see it in these pics...

The color on the left in the pic below is the truest to real life.

I loved the color but it was BRA-ight and starting to wear on me.  I was longing for something more calming, tranquil even.  Enter my new paint color, tranquility by valspar.

It's a beautiful grayish, greenish aqua and I LOVE it!  I feel more tranquil just thinking about it ;)

So you want to see?  Now believe me when I tell you it was BRIGHT before and now it looks like this...

Okay so dangit!...the before color and the after look kinda the same in the pics but I promise they are not.  I tried with and without flash and opened all the curtains and blinds in our bedroom but this was the best I could get :(  Please Santa bring me a better camera!!  I've been good :D

After I repaint the ceiling, the trim AND the doors (BLURGH...) I plan on attacking this...

I am leaning towards a gray called sharkey grey by Martha Stewart. 

I could do a white but I worry that it would look weird with our off white vanity.  Thoughts??  
I am also thinking of trimming out the mirror to save money.  Or maybe I will score an awesome mirror at a thrift store that I can paint.

I picked up the white shower curtain on clearance at target with the intention of upcyling it somehow.  I've decided that I am going to paint it.  Either a pattern, large horizontal stripes or gradual stripes.  Not sure yet.  And I am thinking it will be in this awesome color...

Here's my inspiration pic that gave me the color ideas.  Mine will be more aqua, less gray, same amount of coral.  :)


So whatcha think? hate it? love it?  Have you painted cabinets before?  I figure I've painted furniture it should be about the same, right?...right?!

oh and I promised a post about a chair...

I'll tell you all about it tomorrow ;)


  1. LOVE the new color and love the inspiration! i think the gray is perfect- and a nice soft gray like sharkey will be ideal.

  2. oh- and i have a great color to use in the bathroom called golden shower. har dee har!!! i had to!

  3. ha! thanks for the chair sneak peek :) I painted our bath cabinet in the basement (with a gray countertop)... you should come look at it! I think white would look fine, but I haven't painted our cabinets upstairs with the off white vanity because I'm not 100% positive. You go first and tell me if it looks good hahaha! It's looking great so far!

  4. I love the new wall color - definitely more soothing, and your inspiration photo is to-die-for. I agree that the gray vanity would be best! It's going to look so fresh :)

  5. I like those colors, aquas are so pretty for a bathroom!

  6. Love the inspiration photo, Andi, and I think you've done a great job. I think I'd go gray for the vanity. I've never painted cabinets, so I'm interested to hear how it goes :)

  7. Hi Andi..not really sure about the apricot as it would be still another colour in your small bathroom if you introduce grey as well. Have you thought about doing your vanity in the same colour as your lovely cabinet? To update your adorable cabinet..maybe change the handles to stainless steel? Just a few thoughts. I think you've done a fab job so far!

  8. Great color choice...would love to see it in person! And, yes, I've painted cabinets before...I think someone even carries a cabinet paint...sherwin? Ben? You know I'm on a first name basis with these paints.

  9. I love the colors- funny how a grayed or toned down version makes all the difference- and it is impossible to get a picture!

    If you haven't all ready made a decision- I like the grayer version for the cabinet- I painted ours white and I think it is a bit off with the more cream sink. I think the Martha color could be fabulous ans I may choice it for myself!

  10. I really dig the colors (people still say "dig" right?). I think I got a sample of that MS gray when I was painting my bedroom, I remember really liking it :)

  11. Oh my word! LOVE the aqua/grey/coral combo! I may need to adopt this somewhere in my house.

    Oh, and as always, I love your potty talk;) You crack me up!


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