Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July and some sewing woes.

How was your Fourth?  We had a nice quiet day.  I spent the first part of the day sewing a few pillows and the second half was spent cleaning, grilling, and playing with sparklers!

Awhile back Cassie had given me some beautiful fabric that she had bought for a whole dollar!!  I had the hardest time deciding on what I would make with them but finally settled on some pillows.

I made two of them for my couch.  I used pillow forms I bought from Ikea um... like, last year!! :)
I love the pop of color.  They are even brighter in person. LOVE.

I also managed to make a cushion for my desk chair.  I don't think I have told you guys about this desk chair.  I found it at a local thrift store for $14!!  That day was quite an adventure! I took both kids sans a stroller for Lily and had to wheel this thing and a huge frame to the front of the store while keeping an eye on the kids.  Ended up yelling at a lady who would not move even after I said excuse me when I was trying to get to Lily who had started to run off.  Seriously people DO NOT come between me and my kids. Oh and it was pouring outside :-)
Okay back to the cushion.  For the cushion material I used the  feed bag that my mom bought me for my birthday.

Did you see Zoe?  She is famous for sneaking into pictures like that!

I traced the shaped of the chair seat with some freezer paper and then cut out my pattern.  For the sides I kinda winged it.  I have never made a box type cushion (let alone with a curve!) before but somehow it worked out ok.  My seam ripper got a good workout though!

Here's my blind stitch that my mom taught me.  Not fabulous but way better then my floor cushions!

I must say even though I love to sew I am just not that great at it.  I started making Natalie a dress but stopped because I became so overwhelmed and discouraged.  Patterns confuse me.  It's the measuring that I think I really botch because my pillows were too big at first and I had to resize them two times!  I plan on looking for some easy tutorials to ease myself into making clothes and more complicated things.  I figure the more I practice the better I will get.

I made another pillow today and this time it was a wee bit small.  Oh well.  At least I made something. I used some vintage fabric that I bought on etsy last year.

These are both projects that I have been putting off.  I hope to finish a lot of these half done projects this summer.

Okay on to the second part of my 4th...I made cheeseburgers and served them with potato chips.   I like my burgers with bread and butter pickles, sooo yummy!

 After dinner we went out front and lit all of our four boxes of sparklers!

Sparkler parade!!

We had some fun drawing with chalk.

Then it was inside for baths and bed.  My hubby and I had a bowl of ice cream while watching the fireworks in DC on tv (it's become a tradition).  It was a great day!  Hope everyone had a safe and fun day as well!!


  1. love the pillows! love them!!!! love the little vintage fabric one, too! and the seat cushion is great, as is zoe's head. :)
    the girls of course are soooo cute! love the sparkler parade! and the last pic of the two of you is sooooo cute! it's amazing hoe much you guys look alike when i see you side by side making the same expression like that.

  2. I didn't do nearly as much as you for the 4th, but I did get to watch the fireworks in DC from my living room! (That was an exciting discovery, as I live only on the 4th floor of my building.)

  3. I just love that fabric you used for the pillows! I am the same s you, I like sewing but I'm not good at it. :)

    I hope you have a fabulous week!

  4. Your pillows all look great! And yes, just keep practicing and you'll get better and better! And your seam ripper will stay in shape! (after all those workouts ;) ) You might start with a pillowcase dress for your girls. It's pretty easy, but will give you some practice with curved seams and bias tape. best of luck, let me know if you need any tips.

  5. I love your red white and blue pictures- the last one is great, as well as the one with your little girl eating the hamburger and smiling :) I like your fireworks tradition too!

  6. The last picture is priceless! Glad you had a great 4th!

  7. First: Those turquoise floral pillows are GORGEOUS! Super jealous. Want them!
    Second: You and your girls are adorable!!
    third: awesome blind stitch
    Fourth: Love the seat cushion!
    Fifth: Love the vintagey pillow.
    Ha ha, did I iss anything?? Oh yeah, Zoe is a cutie :) XO

  8. Your pillows look great, Andi! Keep practicing... I think it's more of a confidence issue than an issue of you not being a good sewist :)

  9. Great cushions! Love the chalk painting too!

  10. Love those pillows! Wish I could sew better also. My sewing machine still sits in it's box just waiting to be used.

    Glad y'all had a happy fun 4th. I watched on TV as well.


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