Sunday, July 10, 2011

I love lamp.

Remember that movie?  Hilarious.  I think it was Steve Carell's first movie, or at least the first time I remember seeing him.

I had mentioned before that Cassie had given me some awesome stuff that she no longer wanted.  Two of those things were these Ikea lamps.

One of them went on my desk.  It was too dark for my taste but I loved the shape so I did what any craft blogger would do.  I spray painted it!!!

I decided on a glossy white.  I thought it would look best sitting on my aqua desk.

I had this lampshade from a different lamp that was sitting in my garage.  I can't believe that I actually used to like it.

Don't you just love the leaf motif? ha ha. Nothing a little fabric and spray adhesive can't fix!
I had this fabric that I bought at Walmart last year and had used some in my Janey bird pillow and coasters.

I liked it but I thought it needed a little something more so I added this trim.

I actually just taped it on because I wasn't sure about it at first but the more I live with it the more I LOVE it.  So i may have to get out the glue gun sometime.
What do you guys think?  Trim or no trim??

Here are a picture of how I notched the fabric so it would lie flat when I folded it over the edges.
I used more spray adhesive to adhere it to the inside of the shade.

I am thrilled with the results!  And it was so easy to do!
Have a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. Anchorman is the best!!! I love lamp!! Your make over is excellent--I vote keep the trim. It looks great on your desk...

  2. I love it! You are so creative :)

  3. Ooooh, I love it! SO pretty! I think I'm lovin' the trim....or you could always use my favorite...pom poms :)
    I'm posting about a lamp today too. Great minds!! xo

  4. ali stole my fave line! :)
    dagnabbit i should have kept those lamps! lookin good!
    we just walked in the door 10 minutes ago only to find out we have to be gone from 4:30-6. nice.

  5. Great makeover! I vote for the trim. ;0)

  6. Keep the trim! Also loving the chalk board above your desk - great idea! Those colors look great with your desk too. Mine is a complete mess and totally disorganised - so I know what I'm doing today!! :)

  7. I have to admit that I read this post purely because the title actually made me laugh out loud. We just watched Anchorman again Friday night.

    As for the lamp, it is super cute! I love the fabric print, and I say "keep the trim!" It really adds a nice finishing touch.


  8. I vote to keep the trim.
    Did I see a trident in the background?

  9. keep the trim! It adds a soft personal touch! Love that fabric!


    Make sure you stop by on Wednesday evening and share it at my link party...

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog today.

  11. Well, yeah, definitely keep the trim. The lamp is wonderful, and I love the new I the only one out here that liked the way it was originally, too? Or maybe I'm just old. Yeah! that's it! I'm just old! Old people can be strange. We've earned it. So! I love your new lamp, but liked the old shade, too.

  12. this is cute! I have a couple of lamps I want to change up. So thanks for the great idea of using fabric!

  13. LOVE it! Definitely keep the trim. It makes it look more finished.

  14. The lamp is so pretty. You did a lovely job with it.

  15. So cute! Love the trim. :) Visiting from The CSI Project. :)


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