Tuesday, July 26, 2011

AC broken and may need to be replaced? Go thrifting!

Ugh.  How was your weekend?  Mine was HOT!  Not in a Paris Hilton kinda way.  But more in a our AC broke on the hottest day of the year kinda way.  It was miserable.  For all of you out there that don't have central AC major, MAJOR props!  It broke Friday and by Saturday evening it was fixed but didn't really cool down in here until Sunday.  But that is not where the party ended.  Today we have discovered some wet spots in the ceiling of our bedroom.  Right on!  Looks like we have some condensation from our "fixed" AC.

I don't know about you but a little spontaneous thrifting excursion always makes me feel better!  Just going to thrift stores makes me happy but to find major scores for next to nothing is THE BEST!  I went to one of my favorite thrift stores in the area.  They have TONS of stuff and the profits go towards programs that help men dealing with substance abuse.  And they are always so nice and helpful, which unfortunately I can't say for a lot of thrift stores.

Wanna see what I found?

Two crocks, ball jar, 3 frames, railroad spike, ironstone soup tureen minus the lid, and this way cool ceramic grater.  Here's a picture of the other side:

I have never seen anything like it before.   The big crock I am using for my big kitchen utensils and the small one is for my kosher salt I keep on the counter.  The frames will most likely be spray painted and used in a frame display on some wall.  And well the rest was just because I loved it!  And here's the last thing I found.

Remember how great I said this thrift store is?  Well the guy gave it all to me for 14 bucks!  I told him to make it an even 20.  I figured it was for such a good cause and 20 was still an amazing deal!

Going to the paint store today to pick up some yellow paint for a table in the girls' room, what should I pick up for this bench?  White seems like the obvious choice but you guys always have the best ideas!

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  1. I've been looking for circle frames!!! Great finds

  2. Some people drink, some smoke...you thrift! A healthier choice! I love your finds...that bench is awesome! What about a white wash? The wood looks perfect for that!

  3. I love those round frames! I personally like the bench as is, but maybe a dark gray?

  4. What about your signature aqua? With a little distressing?

  5. i think the bench would be a great place for a pop of yellow personally! or maybe that coral color you are thinking- but the redder version?
    and great finds on those frames- awesome!!!
    i have no thrifting time this week at all- need to go next week as i have a busy weekend coming up and will need some dressers! emmy is in gymnastics camp next weel so looking forward to some me time... especially after volunteering this week, and the emotional drain of this week. thank you again for all your kind words...
    sorry for the long comment. i think i have a lot on my mind and am rambling to you. :)

  6. WOW Andi!!! You seriously scored! I love everything you got (and am curious what you will do with that railroad tie). Maybe grey for the bench, or white and really distress the heck out of it. I really love it and it fits perfectly in that space :)

  7. i want your bench, though i have no place for it! ive been in such a mood, maybe a little thrifting would help me too?!

  8. Great finds! I wish we had more good thrift stores around here. Maybe I just haven't found them...

    I like the bench as-is, personally, but I further the motion for white or gray, if paint is what you want. Or maybe a fun color like a brightish green? That would be brave... :)

  9. we never had any AC at all until this summer and we were okay... but now when we have it off I want it on- its amazing how quickly you adjust to "needing" it!

  10. I think that bench has great distressing already so a white wash would work on it. It would brighten it up a bit, but also allow for the character to show through.



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