Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gettin' my chevron on!

I finally joined the band wagon.  And I'm super happy!!!  I saw an awesome rug on House of Smith's and Tatertots and Jello.  I literally went out and bought the supplies the next day.  Did I start the project right away?  Nope of course not, that isn't my style ;-) But that doesn't matter now, cuz I finished it today!

I pretty much copied Shelley and Jen's tutorials verbatim.  You can check out Shelley's here and Jen's here.

I rolled out my Egeby rug and taped off the edges.

Then with a sponge roller I rolled on my white latex paint.  And I am not gonna lie, it sucked up the paint.  I had a quart of one coat white and used it all.  I definitely didn't get even coverage but I was fine with it.

At first I thought I would tape off my zig zags chevron pattern but got pretty discouraged when I couldn't get the spacing right.  So I bit the bullet and printed out a  template with Sophie the silhouette and some vinyl.  Worked great!

Because I was too lazy to find a ruler I just used a piece of vinyl to measure my spacing between zig zags.

Using a small paintbrush and some free aqua paint from one of my best buds, I started dapping on the paint.  Things were going well for about 5 minutes then I messed it up....grrrr.  You can see below how I put the template in the wrong spot. :-(  Nothing a bit of white paint can't fix.

Here it is in my entry way...

You can really see my boo boo in this picture.  I still need to distress it with my sander and I think that will help mask it even more.  I just couldn't wait to get it in my entry way!!


  1. Andi!!! It is so pretty!! You did a wonderful job!!


  2. WOW! You did such a good job. That aqua is so pretty, no wonder you love it so much. Way to go, Andi!


  3. That looks so great! nice job! I'm so glad that you were inspired.
    That chevron pattern is just great!

  4. I love the color you chose, Andi! It came out terrific, and I love the way it looks in your entrance way--

  5. hmmm... I can't see the "boo boo?" I think it looks so cute! Love your wreath on the door too :)

  6. GORGEOUS Andi!!! I love it! Great job - ASFL fo' sho'

  7. It looks great! I love the color.

  8. it loooks aaaaaaaaamazing! love it!!!

  9. Love it! I have the supplies sitting in my laundry room - the rug has been in there for about 3 weeks now and I still haven't tackled it. We'll see when it gets done. Hope it looks as great as yours!

  10. That is the coolest!! Fits your personality for sure!

  11. It looks perfect in your adorable entryway!! :) I love chevron and aqua!! Nice work!

  12. Fantastic job, Andi! I can't even see where you made a mistake (and I was really trying :)

  13. Wow that looks amazing! Love your blog.

  14. So I basically love this!! The aqua is perfect!! Love the chevron!!


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