Monday, June 6, 2011

Race results and Natalie's first dance recital

Saturday morning started dark and early.  Cassie picked my mom and I up at 6am and we headed to 7-11 to get a banana.   Cassie and I both had bananas at home but they were too ripe for our liking, another way her and I are alike!  Then we drove to the metro and got off near the National Mall where the whole event was taking place.  We met up with our team, Sarah, Jenny, Kate and her husband.  Sarah I had met at the DC blogger's brunch so it was nice to see her again.  She is so sweet and funny.  It was my first time meeting Jenny and Kate but from their blogs I already liked them, but meeting them in person made me like them that much more!!   Jenny said if it wasn't for my new hair cut she wouldn't have been able to find us because the only other picture she had seen of me was my horse face.  HAHA!! Jenny asked me to pin on her race number.  And then I proceeded to tell her how young she was!  Our race numbers had our ages on them.  After complaining about turning 33 very soon I realized that my age said 31!!!  Cassie's did too.  We shared a whoo hoo!!!!

After some more chatting, a quick trip to the porta potty ( I always have to pee when I get nervous) and a group picture (coming soon!),  we wished each other good luck and headed to the starting line.  Cassie and I had already planned on running together and decided we would start at the 10 minute mile start.

The run went great!  Cassie and I were meant to run together!  We have pretty much the same pace.  I was so happy to have her there along side me for my first 5K.  It went a lot faster then I thought it would.  Before I knew it we rounded the corner and there was the finish line. After getting a hive five from a Bruce Jenner look-alike, I looked over at Cassie and asked, "Ready?" and she said "Yeah!" So we took off as fast as we could towards the finish line.  It was an awesome experience.  We managed to finish the race in 32.54mins, that's about a 10.30min/mile pace.  I'm stoked since I didn't train as much as I should have so I think it's an awesome time! Not only did I run with one of my closest friends, but I ran for a great cause. It was very touching and at the same time heartbreaking to see the families running/walking for loved ones who have fought or are fighting breast cancer.  I love that we all came together from different walks and ways of life to support each other and cheer each other on.  There are a lot of things that have and do happen in this world that can cause me to lose faith in people.  Then I go to events like this and I it gives me hope.  I can't wait to do it again next year!!

There was tons of swag to grab as we walked back to where we were meeting my mom after the race but Cassie had to get to her son's t-ball game and I had to get Natalie to her recital so we were each only able to snag this awesome sweat band...

Jealous?  I bet you are.  ;-) Mama needs some botox...I keed. I keed.

Natalie's recital was at 1:30pm so after guzzling my dunkin donuts coffee and inhaling my bagel (thanks mom!) I went into hyperspeed to get Natalie and myself ready.  She was the first performance and did so well!! They danced to "We are the world". I started crying as soon as it started.  I was/am so proud of her!

Here she is at dress rehearsal...

And here she is after her performance...

So a busy weekend but lots of fun!! Many great memories made and shared.


  1. i literally laughed out loud at that second pic of the sweatband! it is awesome! i can't wait to sport them together in our next 5k!
    it really was so fun, so touching, emotional, and the best part for me was running with you.
    and natalie looks adorable!!! she looks so little and cute!!!

  2. L-O-V-E the sweat band! Your little Natalie looks so sweet and adorable!!!

  3. A sweatband and it's PINK!!! Whoa! It doesn't get cooler than that!! And your little one looks adorable!!! :)

  4. SOOOOOO super proud of you girl!!!! Love the rockin' sweatband AND the NKOTB t-shirt! :-)
    Way to go on the running - such an amazing cause ... proud of you!
    Getting my hair done this evening.... pic's posted asap!
    Your daughter in her recital outfit is the cats meow! She is so precious!!! Fun Fun Fun
    It's like 100 degrees out so I am going to water my flowers now and then sit in the AC until tomorrow :-)
    Lots of love -

  5. Oh I wish I picked up a sweat band. Awesome with a NKOTB shirt! ;)

    Your time was great! Mine was 14:20/mile and I was pretty psyched since I didn't train at all. I'm hoping to work up to 10 min miles.

    So good to see again too!

  6. Congrats! Great time! How many times did you see the capital? :-)
    Anyway, I plan to run in the fall race for the cure in I've got a time to beat to motivate me (Probably ain't happening). Natalie looks ADORABLE!

  7. Dang! You know we passed on the sweatbands!? After seeing how sexy you are in yours I can't believe I didn't grab one! It was so fun to meet you at the race!

    Natalie is SO CUTE at her recital! I love how happy she looks with her bouquet!

  8. Congrats on finishing the race in great time. Awesome job!

    Natalie looks thrilled and super cute :)


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