Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ugly picture turned chalkboard and a bird frame makeover

I found this ugly picture of a cat and a quilt at a local thrift store.  Don't get me wrong, I like cats and quilts but the picture was too country for my taste.  I have been looking for a big picture so that I could transform it into a chalkboard.  I like the idea of having a quote each holiday or season, or a place to write birthday or anniversary wishes.  Madigan Made has one huge picture that she transformed into a chalkboard.  Hers was my inspiration.

Now I know I took a before picture but it seems that I somehow deleted it...oops!  So you'll have to use your imagination.  Think ugly watercolor with drab brown frame.  And this is what it looks like now!

Close up of the distressing...

 Right now it's sitting on top of my desk,

which I really love but I really need some shelves for storage.  I think I can put a couple shelves above and make it work!  What do you think?

Remember this little frame that my mom bought me?

Well I attacked it with some spray paint, metallic silver to be exact.  Put in some scrapbook paper and the letter M and ta-da!!

It now sits on my new desk.  Man,I love spray paint!!  What would we do with out it?? :-)


  1. ooh it looks awesome!!!! i love that chalkboard with that fabulous desk! ;)
    and i love the little frame in silver- it's more glamorous!

  2. The chalkboard looks great, Andi. Nice job with the distressing. The frame turned out really cute, too. LOVE spray paint!

  3. Love it, love it, love it! Though, I really wanted a picture of a cat with a quilt...I'm so bummed.

  4. SO awesome!!! I love having a chalkboard for messages and seasonal things too :)
    Oooooh, your silver birds look so pretty!

  5. I love the looks of/ "idea of" having a chalkboard, yours is super cute! Unfortunately I can't stand getting chalk on my hands, don't ask...

  6. I'm assuming there was no glass and you just painted over it, right? I always see those type of pics at goodwill and now I might pick one up and try it! I have a confession... I quickly looked at the picture from your post yesterday with the desk and I thought, "that's an odd shaped monitor". ha ha

  7. I love the chalkboard, fabulous distressing.

    I made one and the paint came out kind of bubbly, not my best work. I think I should have used a roller right, not a paint brush.

    Live & Learn!!!

  8. Awesome!!! That chalk board is perfection!! And I love that little frame. Using birds in decor is at the top of my fav. list! :) Yay!!

  9. Silver was the perfect choice for the frame! <3 love it girl!

  10. I love your color choices. So great and your desk is just the sweetest. Simple and yet so decorative, classic and sweet.


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