Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wine and Design and some really thoughtful gifts

Last night was June's Wine and Design at Cassie's house.  As always I had a blast!!  The theme was clay.  I had intentions of making some tags for my shop but forgot the letters I wanted to use.  So I made this tiny little bunting out of polymer clay, although I'm really not sure about the color.

And once it's baked I may glam it up a bit.  It's super tiny and it will most likely go on a tiny wreath for my kitchen.  I stamped suns and ice cream cones because they made me think of summer.

I also made this sand dollar out of air dry clay.  I cut out a circle with what essentially was a cookie cutter then I used a sand dollar rubber stamp.  Easy peasy.

I love it!  I have no clue what I will do with it but I think I will make lots more and come up with something.  The wheels are turning!

I made another sand dollar out of polymer clay and I actually ended up making a tag.

Since I took the picture I cleaned up the sand dollar around the edges and poked a hole in it.  I was thinking it would make a pretty necklace.

As you guys know my birthday was last week.  Yesterday morning the girls and I went to Cassie's house.  The kids played while Cassie and I chatted.  She gave me my birthday present when I walked in.  I was blown away!  Here's what she was holding...

A lovely white owl...

A pretty vintage pyrex-esque dish (see above)...

And an aqua box with the first letter of my last name...

Now let's take a look inside the box.

A pretty milk glass dish...

An aqua egg cup with a chicken on it :-)...

A cute little Avon bird...

Some vintage brooches (the one with the B is for Cassie once I make something out of it)...

Some vintage earrings...

And a beautiful necklace...

I couldn't ask for a more thoughtful gift!  So thanks again Cassie!

Last night at wine and design Emily walked in with a bag and said it was for me.  Here's what was inside it...

Um...people!!! Milk glass AND aqua!!!!  I couldn't stop looking at it.  Still can't. :-)

And Jazz also was sweet and brought me a birthday gift.

Beautiful turquoise earrings!  And she handmade the card!!  And if you're reading this Jazz...many hugs your way ;-) !!

Thanks guys!!!! Best birthday EVER!!!!!


  1. WOW!!! SO awesome, I love all of your new thoughtful treasures. Close friends are the best!!! Oh how I want to come to wine and design! My friends and I are having C&C (crafts & cocktails)next weekend which will hopefully become a monthly get-together :)

  2. Oh yeah, and I am IN LOVE with those sand dollars. I saw in the potterbarn catalogue that they strung them on twine and hung them like a garland on a mantle. SO awesome. And that mini bunting is A-dorable too :)

  3. it was so much fun!!! love your projects, and i, too, want to stare at the aqua milk glass! beautiful! and jazz was so darn sweet to think of us, too. i feel like we have such an awesome group there. it's like a book club, but no pressure to have to read a book on time! ;)

  4. Yay for fun with clay and for sweet/thoughtful birthday presents!! Growing up isn't half bad after all!! :)

  5. Happy Birthday, Andi!!! I wish we'd been able to chat more last night. I am really looking forward to the July date now so that we can actually hang out! Your clay projects turned out so cute! You gals are way more creative than me!

  6. Andi,

    That night was so much fun wasn't it?! You got some great loot. ;0)

    Thanks for the virtual hug, you know I need it.

  7. I love the sand dollars... they're beautiful! Really nice work, Andi. Looks like you got some great gifts.


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