Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A shout out to my generous friends!! {ooh! ooh!}

Ali from My Third True Love had posted about her wall of frames and that she was done for now but needed some more frames eventually.  I told her I had some frames that would just be going to goodwill so if she wanted them they were hers.  So I sent her a picture and she told me which ones she wanted and in return told me to pick our anything from her shop!!!  I was beyond excited!  She has the cutest stuff.  Her necklaces are so pretty and I love the message that she puts with them.  Here's what I picked:

Ooh La La Co.
And here I am wearing it!

I wore it to the NKOTBSB concert. :-)  So thanks Ali!!! Now go get one of your own!!

You all know Cassie and that she is amazing at furniture redos, among other talents.  And that I have quite a few of her pieces in my home.  I had mentioned that there was a desk that I was eyeing at Lucketts that I really hoped hadn't sold.  It hadn't.  Bad for Cassie, awesome for me!!!  Well I had intended on talking to the hubby and making the purchase.  Then I made the floor cushions and Cassie offered a barter.  So we agreed on 4 floor cushions for the desk!!!  I know right?!!  It's exactly what I wanted for the space.  Here it is in what used to be the "dining room" although I thought I would use it in the kids playroom originally (sorry girls).

And here it is with my $14 chair that I have plans to paint.

The space is too small for a table so I thought an office area made sense.  I'm thinking these shelves from Ikea would be great above the desk, painted white.


But first I need to get to sewing some cushions!  Thanks Cassie!

Emily, from Misadventures of a Furniture Fairy, is another furniture master.  She actually consigns with Cassie.  I have some of her pieces in my home too. :-)  Her and I have become friends as well.  She sent me an email asking if I wanted a cute little hutch and small doll sized table and chairs for the girls.  For nada!  I also wanted to purchase a coffee table that I saw at Lucketts but didn't buy.  So yesterday I went over and picked up the coffee table, hutch, and doll table and chairs.  She also threw in a pair of milk glass lamps that she had after she read my post about the ones I didn't buy.  How generous is that?  Emily will be getting a ton of jewelry from me at no cost.  I love me some bartering. :-)  Here's the coffee table in it's new home...

And here's one of the lamps, the other is on the new desk.  I actually intended to put them in the girls' room but I'm kinda liking them in the living room. (sorry again girls)

I had this plain white shade so I just added some burlap and scrap fabric and secured it with tape.  Not sure if I like it but it's better then boring white.

And these pics are what Emily emailed me because the hutch is still in my car.

I'm thinking aqua for the table and chairs and not sure about the hutch yet.  Any ideas?  They will both be going in the playroom.

Thanks so much Emily!

I feel so blessed to have such wonderful, kind, generous friends!  Thanks again guys!


  1. Gah! You scored some awesome swaps! I love that YUMMY!

  2. YAY for bartering with friends!!! That desk looks amazing there and I LOVE those milk glass lamps. The kid furniture is adorable too. SO awesome!!!! Thanks for the shout out friend :)

  3. Gorgeous necklace you scored! I love the message too, you are right!

  4. a happy trade on my end!!!!
    and everythng looks perfect where it is... the table, the desk, the lamps, the necklace...
    and i can't wait to see what you do with the hutch and table and chairs. :)

  5. That sounds like so much fun- trading with friends. Love all the furniture and goodies!

  6. Wow!!!! Awesome stuff and awesome friends you have! I really, really love that aqua table and that coffee table!

  7. Oh my goodness....I love all of your new stuff!!! :) You have such great taste and such great friends!!

  8. Jackpot! Love the coffee table, and that necklace is gorgeous!


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