Friday, June 10, 2011

Why I love hot glue!

Back in the day I used to see things oh so differently.  If I had a picture frame I didn't like I either dealt with it or bought a new one.  If I needed a new chair I shopped furniture stores.  If I needed something to stick to something else I used elmers glue, if that wasn't strong enough then I used hot glue.  If that didn't work I gave up :-)  Then craft blogs came into my life and I am forever changed.  Now if I don't like a picture frame I paint it.  If I need a new chair I go to thrift stores.  And now If I have a jiggly jar that drives me nuts every time I open and close the refrigerator I attack it with hot glue!!!!

As you guys may or may not know, I have two dogs.  (Two very old dogs who dirty my white couch faster then any toddler.)  I love my pups and I love giving them treats.  Their treats used to be in a boring old plastic container.  But I thought if it's out in plain view I at least want it to look pretty.  So I switched the treats to this glass jar.  And from there it pretty much went down hill.  The thing rattled every time someone opened or closed the refrigerator, every time ice was being made, every time someone walked past it.  Can you tell it drove me nuts?  I could have moved it somewhere else but really there is nowhere else as convenient.  So what's a girl to do? Wait for it....

I put hot glue around the lid and on the bottom!

Worked like a charm!  No more uneven bottom and no more jiggling lid!  I'm patting myself on the back for this one people.  And opening the refrigerator is a much less jarring experience! hehe. love me some puns.


  1. i saw someone who did that on the bottom of tiles to make coasters which i thought was pretty genius, too, and on the bottom of trays so they don't scratch your tables... genius i tell you!

  2. HAHA....When I first started to read, I thought you were saying you were hot glueing the whole glass jar to the top of the fridge. The only thing I thought was wow, she must be tall to be able to reach in it.
    Having a blonde moment I guess :)

  3. Great fix! I have an obsession with hot glue as well...when I start, it's hard to stop. Nothing is safe!

  4. Even though I've burned myself an embarrassing amount of times with it, I continue to adore hot glue. It makes everything so easy!

  5. Great thinking "Jane!" Genius! I have a love affair with my hot glue gun daily :) ok, that sounded strange. You know what I mean ;)

  6. I love me some hot glue too! That is ingenius!!! oh and I love the puns. ;0)


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