Friday, June 3, 2011

Race for the cure is tomorrow!!!!!!!

Happy Friday!!!  Tomorrow is the big event, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. It's my first 5K.  Actually it's my first race ever.  I'm really looking forward to it.  I just hope my neck and hip feel better by then.  Two days ago I did something to my neck where it hurts to turn my head to the right.  And for whatever reason my right hip and outer thigh is numb :(  Oh and to add insult to injury, mother nature has decided to join the party.  So icy hot and I are becoming well aquainted along with motrin and my heating pad.

I had originally intended to write about some of my furniture finds and purchases but I was so busy today that I didn't have time.  And now I trying to get to bed early so I am rested and ready to go tomorrow. I will be thinking of all of you while I bebop to Eminem and NKOTB while running past the white house :-)  Thank you for all your support.   I am so thankful to be able to run and show my support for such a great cause.  Hooray for boobies!!!!!!


  1. woo hoo!!! we are painting the town pink!

  2. You'll be just fine. I've done (well, walked) 5k's before and they aren't that bad. You just have to finish - not the first one done! :). And all those other people... It's motivation to just keep moving. Go girl!

  3. WOOHOO!!!!!! Good luck tomorrow Andi! Sorry you're not 100%, but you'll do great! YAY for boobies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xo

  4. I know you kicked that 5k in the pants!! Yay for running for a good cause!! :)

  5. Good luck and have fun! Hope you're feeling great for the race!


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