Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 2 giveaway winner!!

I meant to post this sooner but my house is a disaster and unfortunately it doesn't clean itself! I still have a lot to do but thought I would take a break and announce the winner from Day 2's giveaway.  So without further ado and by the magic of random.org...

Breanna Veth congrats on winning your choice of a charm necklace or hair clip from Ooh La La Company!!  Can't wait to see what you choose!  Be on the look out for an email with all the deets!

And all the rest of you with those sad faces, don't worry I have 3 more giveaways still going on (check out my sidebar) and the winner from Day 3's giveaway will be announced tomorrow!!


  1. It's so neat that you're doing all of these- we should be doing them for YOU, for your birthday!

  2. CONGRATS to the winner!! I will e-mail her to see what she wants :)


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