Monday, June 6, 2011

My early birthday presents and an awesome deal!

I'm sad.  My mom went back to California yesterday. :-(  It was so great having her here.  I almost kidnapped her but I think my dad would miss her.  haha!  We had such a great time!  We did lots of shopping, she taught me how to cut Natalie's hair, taught me how to do a blind stitch and fixed my hand stitching debacle.  She made enchiladas, Shepard's pie, and a crock pot chicken.  She watched the girls so the hubby and I could go to NKOTBSB, and also take Natalie to kindergarten orientation and her dress rehearsal, and she also watched the girls for a couple of hours while the hubby and I went to see a movie.  She came along to cheer me on at my first 5K and was able to see Natalie's first dance recital.  I miss her so much!!

Being such a busy 10 days I haven't gotten much crafting done but I have lots in the works thanks to some shopping and generous gifts from my mom!! The other day we went to historic Ellicott City where there is all kinds of antique shops and unique boutiques.

We parked in front of an antique store that I had never been in before.  And I have been to Ellicott city a ton of times and thought I had been in every store!  So we went in there first.  I saw so many things i wanted.  One booth had so many great things.  Vintage buttons, spools, linens, quilts, Pyrex, Yellow Ware, and milk glass.  I could have bought the whole booth.  But I was trying to be good and ended walking out without buying a thing! I'm kicking myself now because there were these pair of milk glass lamps that were only 12 dollars but at the time I couldn't think of a need for them even if they were cheap.  And I also wondered if they even worked.  But now I'm thinking they would be awesome in my girls' room (if I ever actually start redoing it!).  Might have to take a quick trip back and see if they are still there!  Oh and the owners of the store were super nice!  They had the girls' pick any beanie baby they wanted.  I thought that was so generous and sweet.  Most antique stores aren't exactly kid friendly and usually would prefer if your kids stayed home.  Natalie picked out a bunny named Hoppity and Lily picked out a turtle named Speedy.  How funny is that?!

One of my fave shops is called Vintage Girls.  It's three floors of fabulousness!  My mom had me pick out my birthday present.  Here's what I chose:

It's a little jam/sugar dish with a tiny little spoon!  So cute, right?  And the milk glass salt and pepper shakers were a surprise!

so were these...

I forgot my sunglasses at home so she picked these up for me!  They have fake pearls on the sides!  Very Elton John, don't you think?  And they go awesome with this headband...

They are from vintage rose wraps.  I have seen them around blog land and thought they were adorable.  So when I spotted them at Vintage Girls I pounced!

There was another store a lot like Vintage Girls called Sweet Elizabeth Jane, that had just opened up.  My mom bought me this feed bag that is going to be made into some pillows!

After Ellicott City we headed to Ikea!  The closest Ikea to my mom is about 1 1/2 hours away so she doesn't get there very often.  After getting a drink and snack we walked around our favorite all know the one!  It has all the kitchen stuff, textiles, curtain rods, baskets, candles, lighting, pictures etc etc.  I love it!!  I was good and didn't put a thing in the cart.  Before checking out we stopped by the "as is" section.  Right there in the front was a chair, with an ugly slipcover.  It was marked $74 and some change.  It said it was originally $99.  I thought it was the Ektorp Jennylund chair but the tag said something else.  I went over to the Ektorp chair section and picked up a white slipcover.  I wanted to make sure it would fit.  It did!!  So she came home with me!!!

Here she is in her new home.  Meet Jenny...

I think it was mislabeled because these chairs go for $250.  Whoo hoo!!  What a deal!!

I'll be back later to tell you guys all about the race and the rest of my weekend.  Happy Monday!  I'm off to guzzle some coffee!


  1. that headband is adorable on you! and i totally thought when you said, and now this headband... that it was going to be the pink sweatband! :) sounds like you and your mom had an awesome visit. i really was glad i got to spend time with her as well. i know i don't need to tell you, but you are so blessed to have a good relationship with your mom. i feel that way about mine as well... we're friends, and it's great!
    i have some birthday things in the woks here.... ;)

  2. That IS a steal of a deal!!! ohmygosh you lucky bday girl to be! <3 enjoy your goodies! LOVE the shades on you! so chic! =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. AWESOME trasures Andi (& you are super adorable in your shades and head band. Elton has got nothin' on you!!!). SO glad you got some solid quality mom time. I don't know how I would cope with my mom living far away. Now it's time for you to come visit her in Cali!!!!

  4. Moms are great fun, aren't they? My parents are coming this weekend, but only staying one night...trying to get my mom to stay a little so we can do some fun things, too. I love that chair with slipcover and well, everything else you got, too.

  5. Awesome finds!! I am obsessed with milk glass and that chair looks like it fits in PERFECTLY! :) Yay for moms!! I am so happy that you had such a great visit!

  6. I love your new chair, and I LOVE that feed bag!!!


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