Monday, June 13, 2011

DIY sunburst mirror

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Yep, I did it.  I jumped on the bandwagon and made myself a sunburst mirror.  And can I just say that I love it so much I could burst.  hehe.  Do you ever make something and then when it's done you can't stop looking at it?  Last night I just sat on my couch and admired my work.  Is that weird?  Are you ready to see it?  I understand if you just sit at your computer and stare.  Haha! kidding.  I promise my head can still fit through doorways ;-)

Here ya go...

Here's how I did it:


7in embroidery hoop
7in round mirror
bamboo branches
hot glue
E6000 glue

Step 1:

Remove tightener screw thingy from hoop.  I used wire cutters.  It doesn't actually have to be removed because it will be covered up but  I wanted to be able to glue the two hoops together and this made it easier.

Step 2:

Glue the two hoop pieces together and let it dry for 24 hours. (I used E6000 glue)

Step 3:

Glue mirror to back of hoop and let dry 24 hours. (used E6000 glue again)
I primed my hoop white before glueing on the mirror because I had originally intended on painting the whole thing white. I actually think the pop of white with the natural bamboo looks kinda cool.

Step 4: 

Cut your bamboo branches into 5 different sizes, each a little smaller then the last. (you will need a lot more then what is pictured)

Step 5:

Put mirror in the center of your work surface and place magazines or something as the same height of the mirror all the way around to support the branches while they dry. Start with your largest branch and attach it to mirror with hot glue.

I had originally started by trying to space everything out evenly and then just keep adding branches one by one as I went around the mirror but with the different widths of the branches it didn't work out evenly so I had to start over and do a cluster at a time.  The last "burst" was a little tight so I had to pull off some branches and shift everything over.  But it really wasn't that much effort and I think totally worth it!

Step 6:

Clean up hot glue drips and strings, wipe mirror and hang on wall.  I used those poster strips from command, they are like heavy duty velcro.  The mirror is super light so I know it's secure.

Ooh I love it!! And the total cost was under $20!!  I love that even more :-)

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  1. you already know how i feel, but in case you missed it the first time...

  2. AH-MAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in luuuuurve! Really fantastic!

  3. That thing is PERFECTION!!!!! Seriously!!! I LOVE it!

  4. Andi, this is seriously one of the very best sunburst mirrors I have ever seen. I love it so so so so so so much!!!!

  5. this looks fantastic!!! I think it's my favorite sunburst mirror I've seen. I also love the blues/yellows in your TV room!

  6. holy crap - this turned out AMAZING. well worth the effort, i should say!!!

  7. WOW - it looks amazing! And at a fraction of the price you can buy those things for at the store! Great job!

    Stopping over from the Sugar Bee Crafts link party. :)

  8. Super Cute blog!! :) I am your newest follower! I will definitely be keeping an eye on your blog to learn new things!! If you would like to take a look at my blog that would be wonderful and follow me back! Look out for some giveaways also like mineral make-up. I am new to this but excited to share ideas on yummy food!

  9. This is really great, Andi. I love that you used an embroidery hoop! It looks great against the gray wall.

  10. So delicate and intricate! Looks like a million bucks!

  11. This looks great. Good idea to use an embroidery hoop :)

  12. Great minds DO think alike : ) Told you we're soul sistas! Ha. Love the natural version!


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