Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My new friend

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I have made the best friends through blogging!  I love how I can connect with someone across the country or even the world and call them a good friend even though we've never met in person.  Ali from My Third True Love is one of those people.  She is so sweet, sincere, and generous.  She lives out in Cali, my home state, HOLLA!   That alone is enough for me to like her ;-) Anyway...why am I gushing all over her?  Well one, because she is an awesome person and friend and therefore deserves it.  And second because she sent me a birthday present!!!  And I am in love.  Somehow she just knew I would love it.  If I saw it in a store somewhere I would be all over it.  Here she is...everyone meet Pippa!

Yep I named her, actually Cassie came up with the name I just agreed.  She just needed a name.  She's like my little pal sitting on my desk while I blog.  It's normal, right?

I love how glamorous and chic she is.  Adds the perfect touch of bling to my decor!
So thanks Ali I love it and I love you for thinking of me and picking the perfect gift!!


  1. Ali is AMAZING!! Happy Bday. I just love that little owl, so special!!

  2. YAY!!!! I'm so glad she got there safe and that you love her as much as I did when I saw her. Pippa is the perfect name (I love the names Cassie picks) and she looks perfect on your pretty pretty desk! Happy almost b-day friend ;)

  3. I am obsessed with all things Pippa- and that now includes this sweet little owl. How Cute!!!! Happy birthday!

  4. i am going to get one, too, and name her kate. and they can be sisters.
    you know i love pippa!

  5. That owl is too cute! Love it!

  6. Thanks for the note about my email...still a blogging rookie, figurin out the kinks. I think I fixed it. we will see.

    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Wow that owl is delectable!! Happy birthday :)

  8. She is lovely! I love owls:)
    Happy Birthday!!!

  9. Pippa is beautiful! What a great new friend you have found in Ali!

  10. Cute! I hope you had a fantastic birthday, Andi :)

  11. I do love little Pippa!! She is a perfect desk buddy! :) (and I love Ali too!! ;) - and yay for friends all over the place! We are all so lucky!)


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