Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Overwhelmed, Vintage treasures, and I ♥ the mailman!

Okay so that might be the longest and possibly strangest post title I have ever written but it will all make sense by the end.  Promise.

So first off, the overwhelmed.  I think I have hit or am hitting a wall in the whole organizing challenge.  I have gotten quite a bit accomplished but with that all this extra stuff is taking over my home and I feel like some days I am just moving the crap around.

Picture a garage filled with stuff, stuff too keep, stuff to go through, stuff to give away, stuff to sell, stuff that will fit no where else.  Picture a living room with a pile of things to inventory for taxes and then to donate, 6 containers of Christmas decorations completely organized but waiting to go into garage when there is space.  Picture a play area full of toys, and a couple of huge bins full of more toys to give away that hubby would like to look at before they go out the door.
Picture me curled up in the corner rocking back and forth. ;-)
I just need to get some of this crap out of here so I can breathe.  So no posts about organizing for a little while longer until I get my crap together...haha!  But I will show a picture of the progress I am making on my craft area aka "lady cave", another reason there is less room in the garage.

The before-kinda (it was actually worse but I didn't take a pic):

My shelves...

Sewing and craft tables minus sewing machine...

Craft books :-D...


I still have a ton to do.  And then when I start using the space I'm sure I will tweak it some more.

 Now I'm going to show you a picture of the garage as you walk in and then a view from the "lady cave".

WARNING: Not for the faint of heart

I'm actually quite embarrassed but this is how much I love you guys!  I think this may be the worst it's ever been.  

Now on to happier things.  Vintage treasures.  I had this urge last weekend to go to Goodwill.  Just wanted to see if I could find anything.  I tend to have pretty good luck at this particular Goodwill.  It's the same one where I found my chair and pyrex set.  So off I went to Goodwill sans kiddos.  :-)
Here's what I found:

Now I have no clue what is vintage (if any at all) but I just love the look of milk glass so I was thrilled.

My other vintage treasure was a surprise package from my mom.  Here's what she sent me:

Vintage linens from her stash :-D and Christmas ornaments we had on our tree growing up!  Thanks so much Mom!!

Okay and lastly, why I ♥ the mailman:

New books!  I only flipped through the craft ones so far and I had to take some pics.

 Look at this adorable bird motif...will probably end up on some tea towels for my kitchen!

 And these are birds for Easter from Scandinavian Stitches.  I think they would be adorable in my girls room.

I took more pics of the books but I figured this post was long enough.  Can't wait to take a closer look at all these books tonight but first more moving crap around organizing.


  1. I love that I am not the only person who just moves crap around... and around... and around. :)

  2. oh i know that feeling- i call it hte "moving mess" as it just travels, rather than going away. you've seen my sunporch filled with stuff for emmy's school's yard sale... which is not til april. ugh! sometimes i am tempted to just give it away, but frankly i could use the money! :)

  3. My lady cave is just as bad. It's even spreading so I'm in big trouble! ;) I'm so jealous of your fabulous library of sewing and craft books! I'm going to have to start ivesting. Good luck with it all!

  4. Andi...don't give up!! I have found that you need a refuge from organising. So first tidy one place...a bit of lounge room for example...where you can do something else and just think and dream about where, how, why etc the next burst of organisation is going to happen. Without thinking/planning time in between your bursts of activity some things don't fit in or are badly organised...and..allow youself all the time it takes to get the job done properly with plenty of time in between for kids, meals, laundry and craft and going out..and reading...and blogging...balance!!!

  5. I just moved a bunch of crap into my basement. Out of sight, out of mind, but at least I don't have to look at it anymore. You were bound to hit the wall at the rate you were going! Take a breather.

    You'll have to let me know how Scandinavian Stitches is... I've been eying it.

  6. Yeah, I tend to "clean" one area by moving all the crap to another area. Whatever works? Right? :) Oh and I love those birds~~ I'll take some please! :)

  7. Do you ever read the blog Posie Gets Cozy? This post made me think of her blog. She's one of the first blogs I ever started reading just because she lives in the Northwest (and I LOVE the Pacific Northwest). She's so talented, creative and a great writer. Also, I love your milk glass! I collect milk glass and you have some great pieces. The surprise package from your mom was so thoughtful. She's given you some wonderful pieces. Lovely!

  8. I know totally not the point of the post, but, where did you get those crate/shelf things that your fabric is in?

  9. Mmmm, I'm so glad I'm not alone. I've been feeling overwhelmed myself. I've got stuff everywhere too and there is one room that I have to do before the others can be done and I just keep putting it off. Hopefully, tomorrow is the day!

  10. My husband teases me relentlessly because he says my version of cleaning is to move it somewhere else thus creating a huge clutter mess. If something is missing....where did mom hide it, I mean put it away. Oy vay! I feel you on the garage mine is becoming cluttered and I hate it! If I had more energy I'd clean it but where would it go? Our garage sale isn't until May. Can't wait to see you Lady cave once it's done!


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